Sunday, 12 October 2014

CoC RM Commando List 1944

Royal Marine Commando Assault Troop
(1944) v1.4 by Nosher October 2014

Platoon Force Rating:
Elite +18
Command Dice: 6
Troop Headquarters
Senior Leader, Lieutenant armed with SMG
Senior Leader, Platoon Sergeant armed with SMG
PIAT Team (3 crew)
Two Assault Sections each comprising:
Section Headquarters
Junior Leader, Lance Sergeant armed with SMG
Support Section
Junior Leader, Corporal armed with SMG
Sniper team
2” Mortar Team (3 crew)

Sub-Sections One & Two
Junior Leader, Lance Sergeant armed with SMG
LMG Team
Rifle Team
Bren Gun
Three Crew
6 Riflemen (1 maybe armed with an SMG)

Special Rule:
British Commando’s are rated as Aggressive

Support List Options are taken from the standard British and Commonwealth lists.

List Two should include the option to take one or more Vickers K LMG teams (2  crew) which uses the same statistics as a Belt Fed bipod LMG from the Master Arsenal Table.

Reduced Strength Assault Troop
The Troop maybe reduced to a single Assault Section with a Force rating of +8






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