Friday, 3 June 2016

Bloody Big Battles - Spicheren (FPW in 6mm)

My first outing with Bloody Big Battles and on the recommendation of others playing the game I chose the Franco-Prussian War Battle of Spicheren, 1870.

For BBB this is a small scenario with 25-30 stands per side which was ideally suited to a first game.

The Prussians are on the attack.

The view of the battlefield from South to North, with Forsbach and
Striling Wendel in the foregroun, Spicheren in the middle distance and
Saarbrucken in the distance from where the main Prussian advance would start

French positions around Forsbach

French positions on the Pfallenberg Heights overlooking Spicheren
and the advance French positions in the Rotherberg

Prussians advancing through Saarbruken in support of the
assault against the Rotherberg.

The battlefield viewed West to East with the railway embankment
running parallel with the road to Forbach

The Prussians close on the Rotherberg as French reserves in the South
sally forward in support of the defenders of Stirling Wendel. The French
have left Forbach undefended.....

The bottleneck develops as Prussian forces mill around in the valley.
The French defence of the Rotherberg looks solid.
Prussian and French cavalry skirmish in the centre.

The Prussians 'shake out' their lines in the centre as the assault on
the Rotherberg gains momentum. Prussian and French cavalry continue
their skirmish in front of Stirling Wendel, but the French give ground.

The Prussian assault on the Rotherberg develops as one unit of French
retires spent leaving the remainder of the brigade very exposed

The view NW to SE showing the French resistance on the Rotherberg
beginning to crumble as the Prussian Cavalry see off their French enemy
and exploit their success riding down an exposed artillery unit East of
Striling Wendel

With their supporting artillery run down by Prussian Cavalry,
the defenders of Stirling Wendel taste Veteran Prussian Bayonet
steel and unsuprisingly beat a retreat through the town.

Prussian reserves arrive in the South and move into Forbach unopposed.
The French rue their decision to leave the town undefended.

The French defending the Rotherberg are beaten back
with horrendous casualties leaving Spicheren wide open.

Prussians advancing on Spicheren

The Prussians push on past Stirling Wendel threatening the French
centre from both North and South.

The Prussians hold 4 of the 5 game objectives in Turn 9 with
Stirling Wendel still being contested

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