Sunday, 6 December 2015

Opening a new front - back to the Vile Plains

With the fall of Pa-Mai and having aceded to Windrider becoming King of the newly formed Kingdom of Moulebourg, Knabadug the Despoiler of Kragonia now controls three of the five Kingdoms of Saint Kidspring. The ranks of the Orc and Goblin armies have swollen innumerably and although small, Windriders new army forming up within the gates of Praemegoth is indeed quite deadly.

Back home in Kragonia, the War Council is baying for blood. Salemere's unprovoked attack which led to the War of Five Kingdoms still irks and Knabadug sees the logic in striking first whilst the Obsidian Mausoleum is still struggling to resurrect sufficient numbers to expand the war.

Kragonia mobilises its forces and is once again joined by Goblins from the Yhn Enclave back under the command of the fearsome Henk who was liberated when the mighty capital of Woll Subterrane fell to the Orcs. Knabadug sends word to Praemegoth and Windrider of his intentions and orders the Taurian to prepare for war as a reserve force for the forthcoming campaign. He announces his intention to withdraw the Orc Garrison in the city so that they can join the campaign in the East....

Mouleburg's new Queen Sarlea sees yet another opportunity to be rid of the Kingdom's unwanted guests. "The foul creature clearly does not yet know how his garrison was mauled by the Dark Elves. It would be all too easy to ensure they are despatched once and for all on their long march East."

"Is that wise?" thought Windrider out loud.

"If we are to begin the process of rebuilding the Kingdom without interference it is. Knabadug has presented us with a gilt-edged opportunity to grow stronger. We must seize that opportunity with both hands."

And without a word, the die is cast. Sarlea gives the order that will ensure no help arrives from the West and as the remnants of the battle worn Orc garrison begin the march East, the Dark Elves follow them from within the shadows.

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