Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Obsidian Mausoleum

Terrain project for my Warband Campaign - The Obsidian Mausoleum, resting pace of Firian Delacroix and the Resurrection Tower habited by the foul Liche Eulisses Kane.

The Tower is by JR Miniatures which I have had for some time but only got around to painting recently. The walls are resin which I have had for decades in my terrain boxes and the trees are Minibits.

The gates and headstones are scratch built from about a fifth of a Minibits painting stick. In hindsight a coffee stirrer could have made this fiddly job a bit easier.

Trespass at your own peril......

The Resurrection Tower casting ominous shadows...

Darkness creeps over the Mausoleum....

Not quite as imposing indoors!

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