Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Bloodbath in Dove Coat Bay

The Kagronian Orc Raiding party landed unopposed several days ago and systematically began pillaging and plundering the trading posts dotting the coast.

With no sign of Taurian intervention and brimming full of confidence, the Orcs make a move on the main trading town of Dove Cote, reaching the Cornmill and the Iron Forge just before dusk. The town is laid to waste and fired leaving only the mead house untouched where the Orcs spend the evening making merry.

As dawn approaches the Orc Raiding party is awoken by the thunderous noise of hoof-beat and shell-horns as the Taurians launch a dawn assault against the town.

Kagronian Raiding Party  
1d6+1 Chieftain and 1d6+1 Shaman, 4 Warrior Units (Fierce) one of which has an attached Hero, 2 archer units, 2 Wolf Rider units, a Bolt Shooter and a Giant Crossbow

Taurian Relief Force
1d6 Chieftain and 1d6 Shaman, 2 units of Minotaur Warriors, 2 units of Centaur Knights (one of which is Powerful), 2 units of Centaur Archers and 1 unit of Centaur Warriors

The Battlefield
The trading town of Dove Cote lies at the head of the bay with rolling open plains flanked by the Glahm Peaks to the West and the Forest of the Blueberry Covert to the East. The plains lend themselves perfectly to the speed in which the Taurian Army can manoeuvre.

Dove Cote in Flames

Initial deployment. Taurians in the foreground at the head of the bay.

Rudely awakened by the thunder of hoof-beat and shell-horn,
the Orcs stumble from the Mead Hall and form a rough battle line

A third of the Orc Raiding Party struggles through the smoke
of Dove Cote trying to reach the battle line.

Dove Cote in flames viewed from the South East

The initial shots are fired by Centaur Archers assisted by Shaman Ritual

The wide open expanses of the plain allow the Taurians to
utilise their movement well avoiding the fire lanes of Orc Archers,
Crossbow and Bolt Shooters

More canny movement by the Centaur Archers
pins the Orcs in the cornfields

The Taurians are moving so swiftly that inevitably one or two units
are left behind, but still the Orcs fail to bring their firepower to bear

Whilst Archery and Magic Missiles harry the Orc Flank,
Minotaur Warriors launch their charges against the Orc Centre.
The Orc Shaman casts a spell boosting Orc Melee but only a single unit benefits

The battle viewed from the North East.
Centaur Knights close on the Orc Left Flank

A Birds Eye view of the Centre

The Orc Centre comes under intense pressure as
the swiftness of Taurian Movement begins to
threaten the flanks of exposed units

The Orc Crossbow unit scores hits on the Centaurs
but is in danger of being run down by flanking Minotaurs

The Orc Centre and left flank buckle under intense pressure

The Wolf Riders in support of the Crossbow have little option other than to charge
two units of Centaur Knights. So far they are holding their own.

Orcs in the Cornfields finally bring their firepower to
bear on the Centaur Archers

Routing Orcs are run down by pursuing Minotaurs

The Orc Crossbow Crew is run down by Minotaurs, whilst
Centaur Warriors pin the fearsome Bolt Shooters in melee

The Orc Centre breaks and is mercilessly pursued by Taurians

The Wolf Riders on the left flank still standing their
ground against Centaur Knights

But not for long.....

.....and are cut down by the pursuit.

The few remaining defenders are mercilessly pounded,
routed and hacked down by Taurians

Dove Cote, or at least what's left of it, back in Taurian hands

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