Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Unrest in Saint Kidspring, The Five Kingdoms Campaign

I thought it about time I added some background substance to the Warband Campaign I have entered into. What started off as a string of connected battles has really caught my interest and I hope to expand the campaign adding new battles, new 'Kingdom's' and potentially new campaign players if the Pendraken Forum members are keen.

Saint Kidspring was until very recently a very peaceful place. Habited by creatures from all corners with only a very small human population, the island is known as the Realm of Five Kingdoms.

Arkan Ironhorn, Chieftain of Woll Subterrane

Woll Subterrane with its capital Pa-Mai is home to the Taurian Chieftain Arkan Ironhorn. Largely woodland glades, the population has lived in relative peace for decades and trades heavily from its coastline with the mainland

Knabadug the Despoiler

Kagronia, is home to the fearsome Orc Knabadug the Despoiler. A warrior like nation, it has feuded for years primarily internally as other Orc Warriors vie for control of the Kingdom. Knabadug rules by fear putting down internal revolts with devastating fury. Its Capital Kharul is a desolate place and a hive of scum and villainy.

King Cassenberg of Isceald

The Dwarven King Kusseg Cassenberg rules the mighty Kingdom of Isceald from deep within the mines of the Jukalp Heights. Not one dwarf has been witnessed outside of the Heights in over twenty years, but occasionally the island is rocked by quakes believed to emanate from deep under the mountains. Rumour has it that Cassenberg's forces are either drunk or burrowing for gold, probably both....

Bartholomew of Salemere

The outlying island of Daggorland and its impressive fortress Salemere Castle is the feared residence of the Vampire Count Bartholomew. Recently risen, Bartholomew is understood to be seeking to locate the Pool of Ebon Night, a foul portal to the underworld. His forces are in league with the once human forces that roamed the Five Kingdoms who are now interred within the Obsidian Mausoleum.

Firian Delacroix of the Obsidian Mausoleum

The Obsidian Mausoleum is an order of undead warriors. Once human these foul denizens of the underworld are led by the once revered Firian Delacroix and the Liche Eulisses Cane. At present the Mausoleum is underpowered and thus unable to generate forces strong enough to pose a serious challenge to the Five Kingdoms, but if Count Bartholomew can locate and capture the Pool of Ebon night, the orders strength will become manifest.

Londranis is home to various leaderless clans including the Yhn Enclave, a Goblin Outpost and the renegade Taurian Warparties of Clonells Timberland. A Lizardman clan has all but disappeared from the Kingdom. The region is largely wasteland with little or no value, probably why no single breed has ever chosen to call the place home.

Henk of the Yhn Enclave

Aranarun Stormhoof of Clonells Timberland


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