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The Siege of Pa-Mai

In the final dark days of the siege of Pa-Mai, principal city of Woll Subterrane, Kragonian undermining efforts have been rewarded as the outer walls are finally breached. Knabadug of Kragonia finally feels a sense of the end of Taurian rule and more importantly revenge for the death of his Son Grablog the Anvil. As he outlines his plan of assault to his allied commander from the Yhn Enclave a messenger arrives with news of a visitor whom he insists his Lord will be intrigued to receive council.

Aranarun Stormhoof enters the Command Tent and with aplomb declares his intent of an alliance and an Army willing to fight to overthrow unjust Taurian rule that has seen his people homeless and forced into a life of exile in the Timberlands. Knabadug is all to keen to have his numbers swelled as he realises that despite a significant numerical advantage his forces will be hard pressed to take the city.

"If I were to agree to the alliance you suggest, might I ask what your price is?" enquires the Orc Chieftain. Without pause Stormhoof announces that his price is "The Crown of Woll-Subterrane with the guarantee of a non-aggression pact and cooperative trading agreement between the Kingdoms of both parties." Knabadug mulls this over for a good while, pours two large flagons of ale handing one to the Taurian. "You can forget your non-aggression pact Taurian. I won't lie. I wan't your support, however not just for the forthcoming battle but for the future. Will you yield to becoming a vassal state of Kragonia?" Stormhoof is desperately aware that he came to Knabadug empty handed and is damned if he will leave with nothing. "I accept your terms. Now when do we fight!"

Windrider wastes no time in sending word to Sarlea that the wheels of their plan is now set in motion. He ends his short note with: "By nightfall tomorrow my love, we will be seated as King and Queen."

The Battle
Pa-Mai sits atop a steep hill with only the valley leading to the city walls accessible to assault by a besieging army. Its ancient walls are metres thick, however the city gates are the formidable fortresses weak spot. Set in the valley floor, the gates are overlooked by a significant mound once used as the burial grounds for Taurian Nobility.

Unsurprisingly the allied army of Kagronia and the Yhn Enclave have chosen this exact spot and having hemmed in the Taurian's immediately set to work with under-mining work realising that their siege weaponry wasn't up to the task of breaching such walls.

Only a day ago a mighty explosion wracked the city and a significant breach developed alongside the city Gatehouse. To make matters worse the gate guards have reported the arrival of a small but highly mobile Renegade Taurian force which appears to have settled outside the city walls. The renegades have been heard singing ancient Taurian chants to war-gods which can only mean they are allied with the Orcs. It isn't long before the Renegades banner is recognised as being that of Stormhoof of the Timberlands.

What little food remains within the city walls has been gathered and on the eve of battle, Ironhorn addresses his army.

"Rest in the peace that our womenfolk and kin are safe - spirited away through our subterranean mazes. We that remain face our greatest ever struggle tomorrow, one that expect for many of us may well be our last tomorrow. It is with a heavy heart that I ask each of you to lay down your life for your kin, your country and your King. Pa-Mai may fall but be in no doubt that stories of our courage will resound forever! Tonight I will lift prayer to Uthar, God of Hope but fear not if our prayers are unheard, for tomorrow night we dine in death may we dine with Opdros, God of Justice. We will be avenged!!"

The Defenders
Taurian Defence Force - Pa-Mai
Arkan Ironhorn. King of Woll Subterrane (Chieftain 1d6+1), Shaman 1d6, 2x Centaur Archers with parting shot), 2x Centaur Warriors, 5x Minotaur Warriors one of which has a Hero, 1x Pegasi, 1x Giant

The Besieging Allied Army
Kragonian Orcs
Knabadug the Despoiler, Chieftain 1d6+2, Shaman 1d6+1, 2x Archers, 4x Warriors (Fierce), 1x Giant, 1x Giant Crossbow, 1x Bolt shooter

Yhn Enclave Goblins
Chieftain 1d6-1, 3x Warriors (Fierce), 1x Giant spider, 1x Giant, 1x Giant Crossbow, 1x Bolt shooter

Timberlands Renegades
Aranarun Stormhoof, Chieftain 1d6-1, 2x Centaur Knights (Sarlea's Bodyguard), 3x Minotaur Warriors (one of which is led by the Captain of Clonell, Viho Windrider), 1x 'charge' of Rhino's

The besieging army is equipped with a covered battering ram, two siege towers and assault ladders for 6 units. There are also a range of mantlets and fieldworks protecting the archers and other missile troops.

The missile troops will sweep the ramparts of enemy archers whilst Yhn's Enclave and the Taurians will attack the city walls. Knabadug's Warband will assault the gatehouse and breach.

The Besieging Allied Army. Orcs, Goblins and Renegade Taurians

Siege Towers, scaling ladders, battering rams and mantlets
protect the besieging army on its approach to the formidable
fortress city of Pa-Mai

Arkan Ironhorn surveys the scene from the fortified tower

The Taurian defenders have too few archers to worry
the besieging force. Behind the walls Minotaur Warriors
wait apprehensively for their chance to get to grips with the enemy.

Massed archery and siege weapons sweep the ramparts of enemy archers

Archers on the city walls find their range but their weapons
are ineffective against the mantlets and siege equipment 

Alliance missile fire rakes the city walls

Siege towers and assault troops press forward.
A bottleneck begins to develop between fieldworks.

More Alliance missile fire begins to rattle the nerves
of the Centaur Archers atop the battlements

Centaur archers sent fleeing to the rear under intense fire. Ironhorn has
too few precious command points to prevent their rout

In the foreground, the remaining Centaur Archers take horrific casualties
but the Taurian Shaman unleashes hellfire on advancing renegade Taurians

A siege tower, manhandled by Giants and Ogres reaches the walls of the city.
Orcs and Goblins follow with siege ladders.

The initial assault by Giants and Ogres of the Yhn Enclave
from their siege tower is repulsed

With no more enemy archers to fret about, Kragonian Archers advance
out of their fieldworks in support of a Renegade Taurian assault using scaling ladders

The bottleneck between fieldworks hampers Kragonian advances in support of
the Goblins, meanwhile the Kragonian Giants and Ogres stumble around probably
forgetting what they are here for such is their stupidity. Even the presence of
Knabadug can't get them moving toward the Gatehouse

A second siege tower reaches the battlements as Taurian's
climb the battlements to meet the assault head on.

Stormhoof and Windrider vie for the honour of being the first
to fight from the battlements into the actual city.
Both have beaten the walls defenders. 

As the assaults go in against the walls, the Kragonian assault of the
Gatehouse flounders trapped between the bottleneck of the fieldworks
and some incredibly obstinate Giants and Ogres who refuse to move

Stormhoof and Windrider simultaneously break into the city
and casualties mount on both sides

Taurian defiance begins to buckle near the breach as the remaining defenders
on the walls are assaulted by Giants and Spiders that have scaled the city walls

Alliance Giants and Spiders break into the city pushing back the defenders

Taurian second line defenders sweep into action to tackle the Renegade assault

The impetuous Charge of Rhion's come a cropper on caltrops
protecting the city gates

Renegades move around to the flanks to support the breakthrough
into the city by Stormhoof and Windrider

Goblins and Orcs of the alliance enter the breach

The Rhino Charge continues to batter the city gates as Orcs who have abandoned
their scaling ladders move up in support of the assault on the gatehouse

Alliance Giants and Spiders take casualties from a Taurian fightback.
Ironhorn is doing well to keep battered units in the fighting line.

Stormhoof is surrounded by Taurian defenders desperate to repel
the Renegade breakthrough

Some inspired command dice keep the Taurians in the fight despite horrific casualties.
The besiegers are suddenly the force under pressure after Taurians rally and charge the attackers

The mighty Oak gates of Pa-Mai splinter under the Rhino assault

Stormhoof and Windrider fight back as Orcs scale the battlements,
but Stormhoof's unit has taken wearing losses.

All along the city walls, the Taurian's although thinly spread
make the alliance army pay heavily for its progress

Ironhorn throws himself into the breach whilst the desperate defenders
try to stave off renewed assaults from Goblins of the Yhn Enclave

Stormhoof is defeated in combat as Windrider sees
off the Pegasi harassing his flank

Overview as the pressure mounts on the defenders

Stormhoof is routed and the Taurian Shamn looks on in bewilderment
as his Captain, Windrider stands back to allow the rout to be cut down

Seeing Stormhoof falling to Taurian Blades, Windrider charges the Shaman
as Orc Giants push back the Taurian Hero guarding the gatehouse.
Taurian losses begin to tell as the Ironhorn is unable to prevent  the rout of his men

The fight at the gatehouse. The Giants and Ogres finally remember what
there job is today and storm through the city gates. A stoic defence by a
grizzled Taurian Veteran pushes the Giants back

The Goblins have weathered the Taurian storm and begin to whittle
the numbers back in their favour. Ironhorn has too few command points
to stem the flood of Taurian Units retreating

The Taurian flank begins to fold, weight of numbers winning through

The Taurian Shamn flees for his life as another Taurian Unit is
cut down by Windrider supported by Orc Archers.

Taurian resistance crumbles.

Unit after unit of Taurians is cut down whilst retreating.
Pa-Mai has fallen.

In the Fortfied Tower, the Alliances Commanders celebrate victory.
All Hail Windrider. King of Tauria!!!!!!

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