Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Dove Cote Bay Incursion

Buoyed by successive victories over the undead hordes and keen to avenge the death of his first son, Knabadug is keen to take the war into the Minotaur Kingdom. Plans for a raiding party along the coast of Woll Subterrane are hatched and a Kragonian Warband lands at Dove Cote Bay and begins wreaking revenge on the civilian populace of Pa-Mai.

Arkan Ironhorn’s hand is forced and the Council of Elders approve military action against the invaders. Decades of peaceful life are about to be shattered. A widening War between Kragonia and Woll Subterrane will allow the Denizens of the Undead the time they need to regenerate and grow in numbers.

The Dove Cote Bay Incursion
Dove Cote Bay is a small inlet on the Southern Coast of Pa-Mai. Flanked by mountains and forests, the bay is home to a mainly civilian populace. Taurian hamlets dot the coastline which is rich in pickings and a main trading route to other islands. Without a Garrison to defend itself the bay has been plundered and pillaged for several days and the population has been forced to move inland for their own safety.

Seven days after the initial raids, a Taurian Relief Column has reached the area keen to repel the invaders.

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