Thursday, 25 March 2010

SoTR 1949 & Incursion Miniatures

It's been a long time since I gamed anything in 28mm so I am quite pleased with the way these turned out.

The miniatures are from Westwind Productions and are the Incursion Starter Set and a Zombie Horde from the SoTR 1949 range.

SWD Characters - Gretel, Ilsa and Hans von X

Hans von X in close up
(inspired by the swamp thing in Scooby Doo!


Bomberzombies and Blitzhund's

Zombie Pinger, Controller and escort

Zombie Horde too close for comfort!

Zombie Horde

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Final? additions to FWC 'Not Ork' Army

I say 'final additions' because as all wargamers know there is no such thing as a finished army!

An Ork Stompa Mob and a flight of Death Choppas!

Friday, 5 March 2010

BKC Early & Late British

After a period of inactivity my blog is back with a bang!

Having spent many a winter evening catching up with my lead mountain, here's my latest offering in terms of completed projects - a BKC British Battlegroup, covering 1940 and late 1944/early '45.

2pdr AT Platoon and a solitary 6pdr Support

3 Infantry Battalions and Battalion support

1940's armour - Lloyds, Matilda's, A10's and A13's

25pdr Battery's

60pdr Battery and AA Support

Late war armour - Cromwell's and Firefly's

Typhoon Air Support

Motor Transport Pool

Monday, 1 March 2010

FWC Not Space Marines - Completed!

This Not-Space-Marine/Not-Space-Wolves army was based and undercoated during the Christmas Holidays and painted over two weekend saturday afternoons.

I'm quite pleased with the result!

Now all I need are a few stands of Terminators, a drop-pod or two more and a gunship and then these guys should be pretty unstoppable:-)

FWC Not-Orks Progress

OK, so I have been a bit lazy of late updating my blog of late:-(

However, I have been quite busy on the painting front with the following FWC inspired Not-Ork army. I thought I had nailed this project and then spending got the better of me and I now have some more Ork bits and pieces to add including death choppers, stompas etc.