Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Somewhere in Northern France

My new US 28mm featured in their first outing 'Somewhere in Northern France' in a Bolt Action game.

Due to time constraints, I chose a straightforward meeting engagement with balanced sides fighting for possession of a small rural hamlet somewhere behind the Normandy Beachhead.

Bolt Action lends itself to solo play - hence that set as a choice for this game rather than Chain of Command

The hamlet. Calm prior to the forthcoming storm

View from the US start line after Turn 1

View from the German lines after turn 1

Panzergrenadiers in support of the PzIV seek to probe the left flank

A Bazooka team and Sherman lay in wait

the medium mortar team is deployed to lay down suppressive fire on the US right flank

US infantry probe the village in force

The US force probes the right hand approach to the village in force

A .30cal MMG trades fire with the Panzergrenadiers. Honours just about even.

The US Infantry capture the cottage directly opposite the imposing Mairie's building

The German rright flank is heavily engaged and casualties mount.
The Mairie's building takes a pounding too.

The Bazooka team stalks the PzIV, scoring a glancing shot but at the
 cost of losing his loader who gets pumped full of hull MG lead. This act of bravery distracts
the tank allowing the Sherman to dash from cover to attack the PzIV....

Which misses!
The Ronson is now dangerously exposed.

Turn 4 and the German's pull out the first five action dice.
The Ronson goes up in flames, the .30 cal in the farmhouse takes heavy fire from
the supporting half track and the infantry in the Mairie

The US infantry attempting to outflank the Panzergrenadiers meet a hail of withering fire

US Forces edge toward the Mairie but a poor round of firing leaves them exposed 

with the Ronson 'dispatched' and the Bazzoka and .30 Cal team wasted,
the US right flank is wide open. the US infantry now have only their grenades to stem off an armoured assault 

the Panzer IV breaks cover and heads for the US rear

The Panzer IV brews up the halftrack
All in all a jolly decent game. The Americans very quickly reduced the Panzergrenadiers to a state of ineffectiveness reducing their numbers and lines of advance so that an Infantry assault became impractible.

Had the Sherman got lucky with his first (and only) shot, the game could have been much different.

Essentially the game petered out into a draw both sides having knocked the proverbial attacking stuffing out of each other.

The Germans had only a handful of infantry left, far too few to support the Panzer IV and the Americans, although still quite strong infantry wise, were dangerously exposed with no real anti-tank capacity with which to knock out the armoured threat.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Chain of Command US

I'm finally there with the basic force for CoC US Forces.

Still to do is a .50cal HMG and Crew, a third squad, some engineers and half a dozen BAR Gunners which i will need to field if I run a standard rather than mechanised infantry platoon.

The whole Mechanised Infantry Platoon

Platoon Command complete with Cheroot smoking plat sgt and medic

The Machine Gun Section

First Squad with half track transport