Sunday, 30 November 2014

Braunschweiger Hill

Follwing their success in the Grizneun Valley French forces under Roquefort pursue the retreating Austrian Army who turn to make a stand at Braunschweiger Hill.

The French face an uphill battle against a determined rearguard. the Big Cheese against the Big Banger....


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Grizneun Valley

Austrian forces attempt to force the Grizneun Valley somewhere on the Border.

Initial deployments.
The Austrians en masse heading for the French Line of Communication.
Are the Grognards spread too thin?

View from the church tower towards the Austrian Centre

Austrian Cuirassiers press forward

French Artillery opens fire

The French have found their range but the Austrian reply is off the mark

French Chasseurs mmove to meet the Cuirassier threat, hoping to delay the Austrian Advance

Recognising the Austrian weakness,
The French 1st Division breaks cover aiming to threatening the Austrian Flank

The Artillery duel continues. The Austrian Guns find their range

The Cuirassiers crest a small hill. The Chasseurs look vulnerable. 

The action on the Austrian right flank develops

Cuirassier Brigade meets Chasseur Brigade. Surely only one outcome?

After a brief clash, the Chasseurs are well and truly beaten back

The French 2nd Division squares slow the advance of the Cuirassier Brigade

The Chasseurs swept aside, the Austrian Advance Guard seek to turn the French right flank
and make a move for the line of commuincation in support of the Cuirassiers

The French 1st Division engage the Austrian Lines and immediately blunt their bold advance

The Austrian manage only desultory fire before fleeing broken under the French weight of fire


Similarly in the centre the austrian find it difficult going aginst the French artillery

Having swept away the Light Cavalry the Cuirassiers regain some semblance of order
and move to threaten the French Line of Command.

The French 1st Division have turned the Austrian right and
are rushing headlong for the rear of the Austrian Corps

The French centre is emboldened and moves out to meet the Austrian centre

Despite threatening the French Line of Command,
the Austrians have taken significant casulaties.
With the French moving around their rear they concede defeat.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

1809 French and austrian FoG Napoleonics

Six weeks to paint - two years sat in boxes...!

French Army

Chasseur a Cheval Division and 1st Infantry division

2nd Infantry Division

3rd Infantry Division

Austrian Army

Cuirassier Division and Advance guard

2nd Division

3rd Division