Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Bolt Action Krauts

Finally finished the core elements of this army - only the vehicles to go (2x 251/1, 1x Hetzer and a Pak40 and crew)

Not great photos - one because I'm shite at photography and two because its indoors in very poor daylight due to the weather.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Productive month!!

I've had quite an inspired month since getting back from holiday, no doubt helped by my good lady wife going away for a week with mates for a well deserved break.
I always find that come March I have five or six days of leave that I cant squeeze in which invariably I end up losing. This year I thought I'd change that by taking the week off and in between school runs, housework and feeding the household menagerie of cat, guinea pigs and chickens, I would crack on with several projects all at the same time - after all variety is the spice of life!
10mm Polish/Lithuanian Commonwealth forces for FoG Rennaisance
28mm Late War Krauts for Bolt Action
28mm Vikings for SAGA

10mm Sea Raider (Viking) Army for Dux Bellorum

10mm Wars of the Roses/Burgundian/Generic Medieval

Alongside this little lot (and not yet photographed) I also managed to complete some 28mm Wattle and Daub fencing for SAGA and some pin markers for Bolt Action.

On the workbench, (which I have based up and undercoated ready to paint) is an Arthurian British Army for Dux Brittanarium/Bellorum, a 1000 point Bolt Action British Commando force and the remaining 800 points of Krauts to take on the Commando's.