Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 to do list

Mainly 28mm again this year and (looking at the bank balance) probably another very frugal year expenditure and time-wise hence a much reduced list.

I'm not sure if its a mid-life thing, but in the past twelve months I've found that the hobby isn't stimulating me the way it used to. I struggle to motivate myself to set up a table to play, am finding it difficult to get time at the club alongside work etc and painting has become quite tedious.

However, here's my list for the forthcoming year.

Chain of Command
  • Make a start on my US Forces - all based, assembled and undercoated and vehicles done. Just infantry (and lots of them) to plough through

  • Dads Army Home Guard - all based and undercoated

  • NEW VENTURE - SCW in 10mm. Bought the figures in 2011/12 but wasn't enamoured with the lack of suitable rule sets to get these on the table. CoC's the way to go I think. the only thing that may sway my enthusiasm is the investment I will have to make in Spanish scenery and buildings...

Dux Britannarium

  • Post Romano British - had these for almost a year and nil progress to date other than basing and undercoat

In Her Majestys Name

  • Finish Scotland Yard and Lord Currs Company 

Dead Mans Hand

  • Finish the Outlaws and Lawmen

  • Purchase some 4ground Wild West buildings


  • Irish and Scottish warbands to finish