Monday, 28 September 2015

Battle for the Plaguelands

Warband battle report between an Undead Warband and a raiding Taurian Warhost somewhere in the Plaguelands.

Undead Warband
Undead Lord (1d6-1), Liche (1d6+2), 2 units of archers, 1 unit of Ballistae and 3 units of warriors.

Taurian Warhost
Chieftain (1d6+1), Shaman (1d6+1), 2 units of Minotaur Warriors (1 with a Hero), 1 unit of Centaur Knights, 1 unit of Centaur Warriors and a Giant

The Taurian raiding party had won the initiative for terrain placement and chose 1 large impassable terrain piece. The Undead chose 2 small wooded areas. Deploying first the Undead Lord went for the table edge with the most terrain.

The Taurians won the initiative in the first move and were not to lose it for the rest of the game....

Initial deployments, Undead in the foreground, Taurians in
the background

Undead in two 'Brigades'. Firepower commanded by the Necromancer,
whilst the Undead Lord commands the Anvil 

Plaguelands with battle lines drawn

Taurian 'Mainforce' under the Cheiftain and the Shaman

Necromantic Firepower hoping to bring down the Giant

First mistake by the Undead. Trying to redeploy having realised the
impassable terrain would have made it hard work for the Taurians.......

With a target rich environment the firepower element of the Undead
Warband dithers and gets itself in a right old pickle!

The Taurians advance around the impassable terrain

The Necromancer cant get his wing moving

First blood to the Undead as a Minotaur Warrior unit with attached Hero
is sent packing after receiving a massed volley of arrows and ballistae
bolts supplemented by Necromantic Magic

The Undead Lord having withdrawn behind the
impassable terrain finds himself isolated

Centaur Knights mix it up with Undead Archers. Sufficient arrows
find their mark and the Knights withdraw to lick their wounds

Whilst the Undead Horde and Minotaur Chieftain face off, the Shaman
trades magical blasts with Ballistae Bolts

The battle begins to develop across both wings. Minotaur Warriors flee
having been dealt a killer blow from massed archery and ballistae bolts

The Giant enters the fray with support of Centaur Knights.
Undead Archery scores hits but the ensuing melee is likely to be one sided.

The battle begins to break up into a series of skirmishes as the
Minotaur Chieftain and Undead Lord go toe to toe

The Necromancer does his best to bolster the archers defence and
attack capabilities under the onslaught of the Giant

The Minotaur Chieftain and his Warriors gain the upper hand
over the Undead Lord and his minions.
Meanwhile the Shaman continues to trade blows with the Ballistae Unit

Outnumbered and surrounded the archers put up minimal resistance

End moves. Despite losing their Shaman to the ballistate crew, the Taurians
secure victory by destroying the firepower flank and pushing back the
Undead Lord who flees the table.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Warband Taurians Completed

The complete Taurian Army. Still a few extras to add including Pegasi, Rhino's and Unicorn. I also gave the Centaurs a flesh wash to blend them better as a unified force.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Warband Undead

Progress on my new Warband Undead Army. An Undead Lord, 3 units of Skeleton Warriors one with a hero, a unit of Skeleton Riders, two of Bow and two of Crossbow

I'm quite happy with these. I'm not sure whether to add some 'dead grass' flock to the bases...

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Warband Taurians

My recent arrivals. 10mm Warband Taurians from Pendraken.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Napoleonic Bavarians

Some French Allies. First 'test' stand of Bavarians.