Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Progress Review 2012

2012 Review

Interesting year 2012… on the whole I think creating my project list for the year was a good thing as I can’t remember such a productive year in terms of getting things done, however it also went to prove that I am indeed a Wargames Whore that flits from project to project as the latest new shiny things hits the market.

So what have I managed to get done in 2012?


1.    From the lead backlog

·       I finished my Franco Prussian War Collection in 6mm

·       I made up several ‘vignette’ style stands using 6mm Timecast Buildings and accessories I had knocking around

·       Made a significant dent in my ongoing 10mm ‘Generic Medieval’ lead mountain and added to the mountain by including some generic spear armed units

·       Finished a 10mm Polish/Commonwealth Army for FoG Renaissance

·       Finished a 10mm Ayubbid Egyptian Force for FoG Ancients

·       Started my 10mm Viking army

·       Finished off the last few remnants of the Secrets of the Third Reich US and German forces as well as a couple of additions for Incursion 


2.   Progress on things I ‘Originally’ planned to do in 2012

·       Purchased a French and Austrian army in 10mm for FoG Napoleonic. The French are based and the Austrians are rather shamefully still in their bags. However (and in my very weak defence) I put this project on hold waiting for the last few bits from Pendraken’s range to be completed. Which was completed in October but I didn’t get around to because I had been distracted by…

·       I had hoped to have collected and made a start on a Falklands Project in 10mm but again put this on hold as the range was incomplete. This has since been rectified but I didn’t get around to fulfilling this dream because… OK, so there is a theme emerging here, but I have already admitted I am a Wargames Slut.

·       I planned to do some matching forces for Maurice using Pendraken’s League of Augsburg range but again this project is on hold pending release of the LOA cavalry and artillery


All in all my lack of progress is clearly down to those pesky Pendraken Kids.


3.   Things I didn’t plan to do but got distracted into in 2012

I did make a few 10mm purchases this year (Spanish Civil War for A World Aflame and Post Romano-British) however 2012 has been the year of the skirmish game and for me a distraction into the 28mm Market.


Whilst there has been no progress on the SCW and Arthurians, I did pick up several really cool rules sets which appeared in 2012 – SAGA, Muskets and Tomahawks, Dux Brittainarium and Bolt Action to name a few.


These have all led me down the path that is 28mm – something I genuinely believed I would never have as much time for, but a scale I am definitely warming to.



·       I have completed two matching 6 point warbands - Anglo-Danes and Vikings

·       Completed a Jomsviking mercenary force

·       Bought and based a Gall Gaedhil mercenary force

·       Bought and Based a 6 point Scots’ Warband

·       Bought and Based a wagon and farmers set

·       Bought a couple of MDF laser cut buildings from 4Ground which are beautiful!!!


My Saga collection inspired me to purchase Dux Bellorum and Dux Brittanarium rule sets and I am looking at buying a Romano-British force in 2013 to go head to head with my Saxons.


Muskets and Tomahawks

No purchases other than the rules set at this point but with the new ‘Frontiers’ building range from 4Ground hitting the market and Artizan Designs bringing out more and more French Indian Wars figures I think this will be high on my agenda in 2013.


Bolt Action/Rules of Engagement

This range has probably had the best of my attention since the summer and so far I have collected 1500 points or so of Krauts and Commando’s which I am making astonishing progress with.


I also invested heavily in 28mm terrain and went the route of buying pre-painted, pre-built stuff purely because my own modelling skills are appalling. To fund most of this I sold off a number of projects I was never going to get around to.


4.  Funding the habit…

I sold off the following projects in 2012:

·       10mm Armies for Warmaster/FoG Ancients -  Carolingian, Rus, Samurai and Welsh Medieval


5.  Things I didn’t quite get around to in 2012

Due to a whole host of reasons I didn’t make any progress at all on a few of the smaller odds and ends I need to get around to doing including:


·       Matching ACW forces in 6mm – really not sure what to do with these as 1) its not my period and 2) I can’t find a set of rules I like. If I thought I might recover what I paid for these via Evil Bay they would go that route, but judging by recent sales on the site I am highly sceptical.


·       WW2 Landing Craft in 6mm – these would take seconds to do but just keep slipping under my radar


·       Matching Colonial British and Zulu Armies in 6mm – I reckon if I put my mind to these they could be done in a weekend. It’s just finding a clear weekend in my hectic social calendar…


·       Parliament and Royalist Forces in 10mm – I am already considering doing these as generic Renaissance Forces to pad out my Swedes and Catholic Germans for Pike and Shotte. It is the volume of cavalry that is in each force that is putting me off (which anyone who followed my threads on painting cavalry will be able to appreciate)


·       10mm Byzantine Army for Warmaster – I couldn’t bear to part with these in my last purge, but if they are still around this time next year I think they will have to be found a new home.


6.  Things I stumbled across in 2012 that I forgot I had

Storage of my wargames goodies is a massive issue given my burgeoning family and invariably things have found themselves being relegated to the attic. Amongst the wargaming paraphernalia I rediscovered was the following:


·       A 6mm Future War Commander ‘Not Squat’ army - undercoated and based

·       A 6mm Future War Commander Andrayan army ­- undercoated and based


I quite like FWC and haven’t played for sometime so these babies really do need to be got on with.


·       A significant quantity of 6mm WW2 Early War German kit – for BKC. They were bought specifically to do an Operation Seelowe game which never happened.


Clearly 2013 is going to be another busy year!




Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bolt Action Commando's

Quite enjoying doing something different and Bolt Action in 28mm has certainly given me the oomphh i needed to get back into skirmish gaming in a big way.

My latest efforts are some British/Canadian Commando's and there's the bulk of the force - 30 riflemen, nco's and Bren/Vickers gunners.