Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Sharp Practice 2 AWI

Finally got around to basing my collection of AWI for Sharp Practice 2. Most were already on sabots for Muskets and Tomohawks and there are still multiple units for both sides to base up including Hessians, French and a small number of Tories but this little lot will give me more than enough options to field various combinations to keep me going for a while.

In the pipeline, I'm looking to expand the collection to include more French (Coureur du Bois/Compagnie du Marines etc) so I can also game the French Indian Wars. I will also add Civilians (pivotal in SP2) and more Indians as I go and I will need to add some carts and wagons to give both sides something to plunder.

Sharp Practice has really caught my imagination. the game lends itself to LOA, Napoleonics and even Indian Mutiny. As I will likely be collecting both sides for any conflict I try out I am likely to be looking to 10mm or 15mm.