Sunday, 16 September 2012

All quiet on the wargaming front

My last post was back in June when I finally put to bed the Ayuubid Egyptian FoG Ancients army. Normally at this time of year the quietness is down to the summer break, family holiday time, hazy days drinking too much and burning perfectly good food to a crisp on the BBQ, however the quietness this year was down to having too much work going on and the shit weather early in the cricket season leaving an ungodly number of fixtures to be squeezed into a six week window.

I love my cricket, but even I will be glad to see the final over of the season this season.

Anyway, in between work I have been prepping a few armies to keep me going over the dreary days of winter. I have also been spending far too much on 'just another' rule set (six new sets to be exact).

Since June I have picked up:

  • DBM V2.0 and the early/late medieval army lists
  • Warlord's Pike and Shotte
  • Ospreys Dux Bellorum
  • TFL's Dux Brittanarium
  • Ospreys A World Aflame
  • and Warlords Bolt Action
I have read all the rules cover to cover.

I have bought and have even planned for games.

Somewhere along the line though I simply haven't had the time (with the exception of Dux Bellorum and Bolt Action) to make too much gaming progress. 3 games in 3 months - appalling, but not too dis-similar to my batting average this season.

For DBM and Pike and Shotte I have plenty of 10mm stuff to put on a game so no new investment there (other than time!) needed to get a game on.

Similarly I have played one solo game of Dux Bellorum using my 10mm Saxons and Vikings and whilst the Leadership Point system looks to be interesting the game felt quite like DBA. i think it will work better with an opponent.

I'm loving the look of TFL's Dux Brittanarium - so much so that an order went into Pendraken this Monday and was received on Friday. I'm hoping to find the time to base this lot up and get a motor on to see if i can get a game in before Christmas.

Within the recent Pendraken Order were two SCW starter Armies for A World Aflame which looks quite interesting. I have a bit of a dilemna with the basing system as the rules stipulate singular basing which will be a bit of a pig if I try to use the same figures for BKC...

Bolt Action  is seeing a lot of action at the club (pardon the pun) - even the GW fanboys have had a go which is encouraging. The slight worry is that all this 28mm stuff is making an even bigger dent in my bank balance. I am now the proud owner of two starter forces - British Commando's and Late War Germans. I have even managed to paint six of the Krauts!!!

Painting wise
  • I have managed to finish my second SAGA Warband - the Vikings. The Scots are still in their box awaiting inspiration.
  • I have just started my FoG Rennaisance Polish/Lithuianian Commonwealth army with all those Pancerni and Winged Hussars
  • I have painted a solitary stand of six figures (only about 700 to go!) of my foray into FoG Napoleonic French and Austrians
  • I made a start (two years after buying them) on my FoG Ancients Vikings in 10mm and have just enough elements painted up to play any or all of the options open to a Sea Raiding Dux Bellorum force. Sadly the game didn't exactly fill me with enthusiasm to paint the remainder but a start is still a start!

All in all although I appear to have had an "all quiet on the front" look, I think I have made some significant dents in the never diminishing pile of lead.