Thursday, 30 June 2011

TYW Catholic Germans - Finished

Here they are - opponents for the Swedes some TYW Imperialists.

This little lot were based and undercoated late last year but have taken me since early June this year to get fully painted and based/flocked which once again is quite quick for me.

Next up? Not sure. But I have a whole load of anglo-saxons, Normans and Vikings to wade through so they may well be next on my list.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

TYW Catholic Cavalry

A couple of units of cuirassiers and one of bandelier reiter, actually they are mounted dragoons in morion helmets but hey they look ok to me.

Not too sure on the cuirassiers - too armoured for my liking

I also received a brown bag of reinforcements today, some more infantry and cavalry to bring both forces up to the 800point mark.

Within the brown bag was my next FoG Ren project - Polish. Am I the first to own a pack or two or the new two winged hussars from Pendraken? Will I be the first to get these based, painted and up on the forum?

First I have to find the lances as my packs arrived without any!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Thirty Years War Catholics - WIP

Opposition to face the Swedes. Based for FoG Rennaisance and using Pendraken 10mm ECW/TYW figures.

First up, four 9 stand Infantry Tercios. A mixture of veteran units (mostly red garb) and average/militia tercios.

I tend to paint the entire army and then paint and flock the bases so I get a more unform finish.

Next up Cavalry, Command and Artillery.