Sunday, 31 October 2010

More English 100YW and German FJR

An ecelectic mix poles apart - my latest offering on the 100YW and a small squad of German FJR I finished ages ago and had forgotten about. Nik will remember these?

So, Gascon MAA, English Bill in campaign scruffiness and a Retinue/Livery'd unit, some Welsh Spearmen and hiding away behind them English 'Sgts' and retainers.

Nearly finished the English now - less reinforcements which I purchased recently. Naturally basing still to do.

The bugger is, is that these figs look lovely until Macro kicks in on the camera. I really must get some lessons in taking effective shots close up.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

100YW/WoR English

With my Hundred Years War French squared away* I thought it about time I turned my attention to their adversarys the English.

And what better way to start the English than with that which the French fear most - the humble longbowmen.

With two units of 8 stands, 1 unit of 6 stands and 1 unit of 8 stands of retinue bowmen for my Yorkist WoR, (and to add insult to injury for the French) I went on to do a six stand unit of Gascon Crossbow and a 4 stand unit of Gascon Billmen.

Next up, loads of Bill, Men at Arms and Foot Knights.

If you're wondering what the * is: No army is ever complete - sat in my to do box are a growing number of French reinforcements...

Saturday, 9 October 2010

100 Years War French - complete!

My first 'proper' 10mm Pendraken Army - 100YW French. Really pleased with these apart from the basing which I just struggle with full stop.

I think I will revert to flocking the whole base rather than just patching.

Anyway hope you like them! Next up matching 100YW English.