Sunday, 17 July 2016

10mm ECW Royalists for Baroque

I've had these figures knocking around for far too long originally bought for FoGR with a similar sized Parliamentarian force. Baroque has given me the excuse to get on with them and get them on the table.

A rustic paint job and obviously the bases need finishing but pleased with the overall results. I turned this lot out in about two weeks. 7 Infantry regiments, four artillery, two units of dragoons and the command stands still to finish.

I've got a box load of cavalry to plough through - probably twenty or so units of horse which will be given a speed painting job just to get the project complete.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Space Marine Epic Armies for Sale

Three armies - painted Space Wolves, a MASSIVE Ork army and an unpainted Squat Army looking for new homes email me offers at scarborolad1ATskydotcom

Bad Moon Reisling

Another Baroque 30YW clash between German Catholics and the Swedes near the fictitious village of Bad-Reisling.

After a brief pause in the fighting, the Catholic Commander is incensed to learn that the Swede's have purposely contaminated the stills of the Bad-Reisling which gives the local wine its name.

Determined to restore German pride, he gathers his forces to take on the Swedes South of the village. The Swede's are still in the area of the still and await the Germans.

Battle lines drawn with the Swedes holding the open ground
and the fenced field to the left

Catholic Tercio massed for the push forward

Swedish Dragoons line the fenced field

Swedish Hackapells and Latta Rytarre face off
against the might of Catholic Cuirassiers

The Swede's press forward with some minor disruption to their battle lines

Swedish artillery engages the Tercio

Swedish guns find their range disordering a Tercio

Despite the Catholic Cavalry winning the initiative, the Swede's
are able to counter-charge and gain the initial advantage 

Latta Rytarre and Hakapells mix it with Cuirassiers. The German
second line holds fast on the hill to exploit any breakthrough

Catholic Tercio close on the Swedish Regiments

On the left flank the lighter troops of both armies press forward

As a Tercio moves into range a Swedish Regiments delivers a Salvo.....

before charging the Tercio!

The Swedish charge causes panic in the Tercio as the Swede's gain
a slight advantage in the ensuing melee.

A Veteran Swedish Regiment delivers a Salvo......

and also charges another Tercio which buckles under the assault.

Swedish cavalry sees off a unit of Cuirassiers. The Catholic Cavalry
flank is struggling to make an impact.

The skirmish on the left flank develops between
Dragoons, Shutzen, Musketeers and a Single
Swedish Regiment.

As the Catholic centre buckles under the ferocity of the Swedish
assault, the Swedes deploy their second line either side
of the second veteran regiment

Catholic Cavalry routs under the savage charge of them Swedish

Catholic Reiters beat off a Swedish charge with pistols!

Swedish Veterans clash with another tercio

The Skirmish continues on the left flank,
neither side making much progress.

The centre. A Swedish Regiment routs on the left whilst
a Catholic Tercio routs top right. Gaping holes have
appeared in the Catholic Centre as the Swedish second line begins to
add its weight.

Catholic Cavalry continues to give ground to the Swedes.

The Swedish second line flanking a veteran regiment heap
a whole lot of pain onto the Catholic Centre. The Reserve
tercio makes numbers count as it engages the Swedish veterans
that have swept into the rear.

The cavalry action continues to swing one way and then the other
as the Catholics withdraw a unit of Curiassiers. The Catholic Reiters
rout their opposite number and some parity is achieved as blown Swedish
horse is pushed back by Catholics close to breaking themselves.

The Swedish cavalry finally breaks the Catholic cavalry and
despite losing a unit of Veteran foot in melee, the Swedish pressure
in the centre forces the Catholics to retire leaving the still to the invaders.

The flank skirmish continues, but it is too little too late
for the Catholics

The Catholic lines retire in reasonable order, the Swedish cavalry being
blown and unable to pursue their enemy.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Dawn Raid

A day late for Independence Day, however a small skirmish set in the AWI with Lt John Waine's American's launching a dawn raid against Captain Davidson Cameron's small but tough British and Hessian command.

Cameron's men have retreated with their booty to a small uninhabited settlement to the North East of Munger Shaw. During the night, Waine's forces have moved within striking distance of the British camp and aided and abetted by a young farmhand who once lived in the settlement, have loosed the Dragoon Captain's horses in the night.

Waine's Command
Lt John Waine with 3x 8 man Regular Continental Line Groups with muskets
Sgt Humphrey Bogcart with 2x 8 man Conscript/Volunteer State Line groups with muskets
The Right Honourable Ronald Raegun with 2x10 man Militia Infantry groups with muskets
Cpl Marlon Brandy with 1x6 man Continental Light Skirmishers with muskets

Cameron's Command
Capt Davidson Cameron with 1x8 man dismounted Dragoons with muskets
Cpl Henry 'Big Smoke' Holborn with 1x6 man British Light Infantry Skirmishers with muskets
Sgt Frederick Frickadellan with 2x8 man Regular Hessian Line groups with muskets
Sgt Willy 'Weiner' Schnitzel with 1x6 man Hessian Jaegers with Rifles

Realising the horses are missing, Cameron's sentry sounds 'Stand To!'
Frickadellan's Hessians are the first unit to react.

Schnitzel's Jaegers move into the cornfields to cut off
any American deployment at the foot of the hill and 'Big Smoke's'
Lights engage the Continental Skirmishers

The Continental Skirmishers reel under very accurate fire

Such is the weight of the fire they are laying down, 'Big Smoke's' Lights
are forced to move to open a clear lane of fire. The pall of gunsmoke
they created would linger long after the battle had ended.

The fire from the British Lights wounds Cpl Brandy

Raegun's Militia move through the cornfield as Waine's Continentals
attempt to outflank the settlement. Out of the line of fire, Brandy's Lights
move up in support.

The State Line arrive as Waine's Continentals look to shake out into
line, however Frickadellen's Hessians make the snake fencing.

And immediately rattle Waine's men with a powerful volley

Raegun's Militia engage the British Lights and the sheer weight of fire
begins to tell immediately as the lights take casualties.

Convinced the militia are about to break, 'Big Smoke's men
pile over the fence to charge their opponents.....

The Hessian's continue to pour misery upon the Continental Line, but Raegun's Militia,
supported by Brandy's Lights are winning the firefight with the British Lights.

The Continental Line in complete disarray.

In his enthusiasm to beat off the American's Sgt Frickadellan
wanders in front of his men and in doing so takes one for the team....

Raegun's Militia lay down a steady stream of fire

Schnitzels Jaegers get into the fight but struggle to find their range

The State Line move up in support of the Continentals whilst Raegun's Militia and Brandy's
Lights force the British Lights to retire into the foremost building. Cameron's Dragoons
move up to fill the gap left by the Light's withdrawal

Not to be outdone by Frickadellan, Cameron takes one for the team too.
Or was it one of his own men that saw an opportunity to put an unpopular officer down?

Waine's Continental's break under the intense volleys of the Hessian's

Colonial Morale plummets as a second Continental Group breaks

Thankfully for the Colonial's Raegun's Militia have performed
small miracles and have forced Cameron's Dragoons to withdraw in disorder.

Cameron's Dragoons come under pressure from the Colonial Militia.
Schnitzel's Jaegers appear mere spectators.

The State Line shake out into line, but not before the Hessian's
can unleash further volleys which once again disrupt Colonial Progress.
Waine's remaining Continentals seek to outflank the Hessian's but their lack
of numbers results in desultory fire.

Colonial Morale slumps forcing a chaotic withdrawal as the Hessian's
deliver the 'coup de grace' to Waine and his Continentals.
Another crushing victory for the British and Hessian's as Waine's mixed force once again comes unstuck against a professional army.

Frickadellan's Hessian's heaped misery on the Colonials right from the outset and fittingly delivered the volley's that broke Colonial Morale.

In the days that followed the engagement Cameron took full credit for the victory earning himself promotion and a posting to the rear. Despite his disappointment at being overlooked as the real hero of the battle, Frederick Frickadellan consoled himself of being rid of the hugely unpopular British Officer. Maybe now he would find himself under the command of a German Officer?

The Right Honourable Ronald Raegun performed minor miracles with his Militia preventing a complete humiliation of the Colonial forces. His Militia found themselves becoming known as 'Raegun's Dependables'.