Saturday, 2 July 2011

TYW Batrep - somewhere near Frankental...

As promised here's a short batrep of a small battle between an advancing Catholic Imperialist Army and a defending Swedish battlegroup protecting the flank of the main army.

A young Swedish Colonel has the un-enviable task of garrisoning some sleepy backwater far from the action. Little does he know that those sneaky Catholic's have slipped around the main armies flank under cover of darkness and early morning mist and that his sleepy backwater will soon become the main axis of advance for the advance elements of a substancial Catholic attack.

As daybreaks, catholic cavalry sweep forward with Croat lighthorsemen seeking suitable crossing points. Fortunately for the Catholics, recent good weather has reduced the river to not much more than a steep sided gully that is crossable in most points.

Despite having fantastic fields of fire, the swedish artillery positioned on the hilltop redoubt struggle to find their range.

Swedish cavalry garrisoned in the village rally under the direct command of the gallant young Swedish Commander and despite being outnumbered 5 to 1,  head for the redoubt to protect the vulnerable flank. Veteran brigades protect the bridge.

Keen to make his advantage in numbers count, the Imperial Commnader launches his cavalry in a headlong rush for the bridge. If his troops can pin the Swedish brigades at the Bridge he should have the advantage on the wings to swing his cavalry into the enemy rear before local re-inforcements can intervene.

Like these re-inforcements... Thankfully the enemy has been engaged on all fronts and although Imperial casualties have started to mount the Swedes are hard pressed on all fronts. The artillery still 'drops short'

The Swedish  cavalry flank begins to creak as does the centre under pressure from the close attention of the two units of Catholic Cuirassiers and a tercio infantry regiment.

The Catholics, sensing a close run battle, fling the proverbial kitchen sink at the Swedes but in vain. Another battlegroup breaks and the Swedish reserves narrowly save the day.

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