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Nosher's Lead Mountain Challenge 2012 (revised)

Nosher’s 2012 Lead Mountain Challenge
Somehow my original post from back in December has been corrupted so I am re-posting my original lead mountain list with updates

My key aims in 2012 are as follows:

1)     Collect the following armies for FoG Napoleonic and to have completed at least two matching armies for a game pre 2013. French, Austrian, British and or Russian

2)    To collect and paint both British and Argentinian Forces from Pendrakens Falklands Range due for release in the summer

3)    If Pendraken release a full LOA range to purchase and make a start on matching 10mm Armies

4)    Not to be distracted by other shiny new toys even if the LoA range doesn't get expanded and the Falklands Range gets delayed dramatically

5)    If I fail to achieve point 4 for any reason to see if I can beat last years willpower test by at least holding out until March of 2012. Failed miserably and purchased an Anglo-Danish 9pt warband for SAGA in February (see previous post!)

UPDATE 5th March 2012 - a lottery win at the weekend enabled me to buy a new cricket bat as well as some opponents for my Anglo-Danes in the form of a Gripping Beast Viking Warband

The (Original) Lead Mountain Challenge

In 6mm
Franco Prussian War – finish off last few bits and pieces Complete 3.3.2012

ACW both sides for Principles of War/Black Powder

WW2 landing Craft for BKC

Timecast Buildings - Completed June 2012 and incorporated into several village vignettes along with a veitbale forest of pendraken trees!

British and Zulu’s for POW

FWC Andrayan

FWC ‘Not’ Squats

In 10mm
Generic Medieval painted several units so far this year, plenty still to go!

Polish Renaissance for FoG R

ECW Parliament and Royalist for FoG R





French and Austrians for FoG N - Priority

Ayubid Egyptians - Started 13.3.2012. Completed 31st May 2012


Welsh/Scottish Medieval

Vietminh and French REP – probably paint up and evilbay

Colonial British and Mahdists – probably paint up and evilbay

In 15mm (added May 2012)
AWI Yanks and British - an old unfinished 15mm project that laid neglected for years until the right rule set came along - MAURICE
In 28mm
SoTR Krauts and Demons
Update 5th March 2012 - 28mm Viking Warband for SAGA
Update May 2012 - 28mm Scots Warband for SAGA

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