Monday, 7 May 2012

Maurice - AWI Playtest

Some pics of my playtest of the new Maurice rules this evening. Batrep and rules synopsis to follow

Initial set up - British attacking

Maurice is a card driven system - true to type British underhandedness strikes the American's morale right from the off with an even die roll reducing their morale by -2.

Hurriedly rebased Hessians advance to pin down the American left flank - out of picture and to the right, two unit of Tories support the Hessian Advance

The Delaware Continentals and French receive welcome re-inforcement from two Militia Units

Whilst out on the opposite flank the American Rangers size up the British Dragoons

The British Dragoons come off worse - however this minor skirmish to's and fro's with no real outcome being achieved

Further foul play by the British drags the Delwares into the firing zone of the British Grenadiers and a flanking support battalion.

Crafty play (this time by the Americans) plants a previously un-mapped cornfield directky in the path of the Hessian/Tories advance. A smart move by the American CO as it prevents a much smaller force being overwhelmed.

The Britsh Grenadiers supported by a line battalion make numbers count. Boosted firepower through a national advantage card play a major role. Shortly after this pic the Delaware Continentals (only elite unit in the American Force) buckle and break bringing the american player very close to a humiliating defeat.

Despite the loss of the delawares, the American CinC is on hand to deploy the French and supporting Militia units in defence of the British Objective. If the American commander can bring his national advantage card A La Bayonette into play maybe history can be reversed and the British might be put to flight at the sight of cold steel?

A blistering round of British Musketry fells a Bavarian Notablein the pay of the American's

The remaining Continentals find themselves exposed and vulnerable despote the cornfield being unmapped. This shor shows tha calm before the storm. Will conscript units have the final hurrah?

Over on the British right the Grenadiers buckle under intense pressure whilst over on the right the Tories despatch a trained unit of Continentals!

Another Notable bites the dust - this time an Eastern European in the pay of the German Mercenaries

The British pull off a win, their superior firepower winning the day over a determined opponent. As a regular British Line unit breaks so too does an American Militia unit tipping the balance in favour of the British as American morale falters.

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