Sunday, 11 October 2015

Taurian and Undead Armies for Warband, Complete

Not bad. Just over a month from bag to table for three Warband Armies.

Taurian. I went for a summer-ish scheme to the basing in the end with a 50-50 mix of Dead and Herb Grass and some dotted clump foliage complete with the odd spec of flowers.

The Beasties (and some of the Centaur Units) will be used with this Taurain Army and a second Taurian Warband I am going to be working on with a 'darker' theme, using darker flesh tones and colours to give them a feel of being a rogue Taurian Warband.

The Undead Lord Warband with attached Necromancer and supporting Warriors

I still have a Catapult and Chariot Unit to add to this army. In terms of unifying the force, I chose a flat purple for shields and I kept the basing simple using the same 50/50 mix of herb and dead grass, however I left off the clump foliage and flowers to give these units more of a plaguelands feel.

The Vampire Lord's Army with attached Liche

I went for a classic Vampire feel painting shields in blood red to unify the force.

Finally, here are the undead Beasties including Zombie's, Wraiths, Ghouls, Bat Swarm and a Giant Vulture. I tried to keep these generic enough to be used across either of the undead armies.

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