Friday, 19 February 2016

Santiago y Cierra Espana! Campaign Days 2&3

As the sun begins to set on day one a Spanish Guerilla ambush is launched against French Column B causing panic amongst the French ranks. Significant casualties are caused as the Guerilla head back into the foothills.

On Day 2 cautious moves by both sides leave advance columns facing off across the river North of Astacia.

As daybreak arrives the French seize the opportunity to declare battle and fix the battlefield as C4-C6 and D4-D6.

Units of both sides march on the battlefield, however the outnumbered French concede the loss of their Victory Point gains made on Days 1 & 2. As battle is joined the French hold Iglesia Roja for 1 VP, whilst the Spanish Cavalry Column marches North through Arbrancia and then West into Los Escombros cutting the French lines of supply and securing a massive 6 VPs.

Only by defeating the Spanish by nightfall can the French win the campaign. Left with little choice, General Dupont takes an aggressive stance, ordering I & III Corps to attack West towards C4. II & IV Corps are ordered to support the attack in the West leaving a small reserve to hinder the Spanish reinforcements arriving later in the day at C6. II & IV Corps will also aim to hold off the Spanish attempting to cross the river in support of their forces in C4.

Recognising their superiority in numbers and in VP's and with the benefit of being able to see the French deployment, the Spanish choose a less aggressive approach. Ballesteros orders II & III Corps to press forward toward the river bank whilst I Corps hug the same bank forming two sides of a holding box. The aim of the Spanish is to hold until the arrival of the Cavalry Corps and if an opportunity presents itself to take a more aggressive approach by crossing the river to engage the lead French columns. The Cavalry Corps is to make haste to the battlefield and harass the rear of the French.  

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