Friday, 7 December 2012

Bolt Action in action.

After a fair few months painting I finally managed to get two 1000 point armies on the table for a Bolt Action Bash - Krauts v Commando's somewhere in Holland late 1944.

The above pic shows the table set up. A village, dominated by a Walled Manor house and surrounding farming community.

The British won the initiative and chose the table edge closest to the church which would provide an ideal spotting location for the allied FO.

The krauts depoloyed primarily within the cornfields heading directly for the Manor House but wer caught in a frighteningly effective artillery barrage which KO'd a half-track and left its passengers with a game-telling 6 pin markers.

The British supported by a solitary Churchill chose a left flanking manouvre, whilst a blocking force scaled the maor walls to secrete themselves in the courtyard. The right-flank was secured by a MMG deployed in the woods.

View from the hidden Commando MMG position

Flanking manouvre by the Commando's and their supporting armour

The Krauts struggle to recover from the initial barrage laid on by a female FAO - the wife... whilst the Commando flanking manouvre draws fire from the fields

Commando sqauds press home their flanking manouvre supported by the Churchill

The Churchill exchanges blows with the Kraut Hetzer 

The commando MMG is assaulted by Kraut infantry

Commando's close assault the Hetzer knocking it out whilst fire from the manor house decimates the kraut infantry despite some hroic interventions from their medical officer!

Outflanked, outnumbered and down to only four action dice the krauts call it a day 

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