Saturday, 29 December 2012

2013 Lead Mountain Plan

Collections I Own That Require Finishing

Like all fellow wargamers I have a relatively large collection of projects at various stages of completeness.

Following a very targeted and productive year in 2012 where I tackled the big jobs, finished off lots of loose ends and then cut my losses on other projects and evil-bayed a significant chunk of my collection, my 2013 LMP sees most of the outstanding projects at the starting stage.

Unless noted (*), the forces and projects listed are prepped, undercoated and ready to paint.


·       ‘Generic Medieval’ lead mountain

·       Vikings

·       Napoleonic French

·       Napoleonic Austrian (* still in bags…)

·       Parliamentarian and Royalist forces  

·       Byzantine Army (* still in bags)

·       SCW (* still in bags)

·       Post Romano British force


 SAGA (28mm)

·       Gall Gaedhil mercenaries

·       6 point Scots’ Warband

·       4 point Irish Warband (and reinforcements)

·       Baggage wagon and farmers



·       Matching ACW forces

·       WW2 Landing Craft

·       Matching Colonial British and Zulu Armies

·       Future War Commander ‘Not Squat’ army

·       Future War Commander Andrayan army ­

·       WW2 Early War German for BKC.



·       Finish AWI collection for Maurice


28mm Bolt Action/Rules of Engagement

·       Late War German Grenadiers

·       Late War German tanks and Vehicles

·       Late war British tanks and vehicles


Purchases I need to make to round off collections
With the threat of redundancy hanging over me this year, I fully expect my spending on the hobby to be hit and to be hit hard.

The following lists includes odds and ends I am hoping to purchase in 2013 to round off existing projects before embarking on any new follies.

Last year I planned to hold out until March and managed February – this year I am hoping to hold out until March before making a ‘new project purchases’.

·       SAGA Irish reinforcements to bring the force up to 6 points

·       SAGA Javelins

·       LBMS Shield transfers for SAGA Scots

·       Panzer IV for Bolt Action

·       Regular British/Commonwealth Platoon for Bolt Action

·       Napoleonic Austrian (to fill gaps in FOG Army)

·       28mm Hedgrows/fields


New projects I am keen to look at in 2013

Depending upon the job situation I would like to look at the following wargames in 2013. I already own the rules sets marked (**)

  • Muskets & Tomahawks (**) Starter Armies in 28mm
  • Dux Britannarium (**) in 28mm
  • Algeron Pulls It Off – TFL WW1 Aerial Combat Rules

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