Friday, 1 February 2013

More Bolt Action Germans

This time Heer from Warlord which I have been working on in the run up to Christmas. Seems to be a recurring theme this time of year - lots of people with missing painting mojo's.

These have been finished for a while but I just cant muster any energy to finish the basing off before varnishing.

On a more positive note there has been some progress on my LMP 2013 - nothing new painted but the collection has been added to and in true fashion my willpower lasted all of two weeks before a purchase not on my list of new purchases was made in the shape of Battlegroup Kursk which is getting rave reviews at the club.

I will find out this evening as I have a game lined up with my regular gaming buddy Nick B at SADWC

I bought the final bits and pices for my Irish SAGA warband and have today ordered some Artizan Long Arm of the Law minis and Woodbine Designs Gentlemen and Poachers.

Random purchase you might say, however there's method in the madness so to speak. Rather than collect more Late War British for Bolt Action, I am going for something slightly different and aiming to collect a Home Guard unit accompanied by armed civilians which can double up for AVBCW...


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