Thursday, 29 August 2013

2013 Lead Mountain Progress - with four months to go...

With four months to go of my 2013 Lead Mountain Challenge, the following review of progress makes interesting reading indeed
10mmManaged to make a start on some of the Generic Medievals  - one or two bits completed (mainly Burgundians which have yet to grace the table)

I also managed to get some of the Vikings done (about a 1/3rd of the figures I bought which is just enough to play Dux Bellorum

The Napoleonic French and Austrians and the matching ECW armies remain untouched as does the matching SCW armies for A World Aflame. Similarly the Post Roman Brits for Dux Britannarium also remain unloved...
Over the next month or so I will be offloading a Magister Militum Byzantine Army which is still in bags. Its likely to appear on evil-bay soon!

SAGA (28mm)No progress on the Gall Gaedhil mercenaries, the 6 point Scots’ Warband, the 4 point Irish Warband (although I did buy some reinforcements to take them to 6 points!) or on the baggage wagon and farmers

2013 has clearly not been the year for 6mm where I have made only minimal progress

I have restarted the matching ACW forces for Longstreet. If I get bored painting them (which is highly likely) they will be done to a basic standard and offloaded on evil-bay. 

The WW2 Landing Craft are awaiting a Normandy game of BGO... and have been that way since BGO was released earlier this year... similarly the Early War Germans remain untouched awaiting a potential BGB release. I remain hopeful.

I need to watch Zulu or Zulu Dawn again to relight my interest enough to have another crack at the matching Colonial British and Zulu Armies. Just not feeling th love at the moment!

The FWC ‘Not Squats’, Andrayan's and a few odds and sods Kraytonian wise need some attention but no-one is playing FWC at the moment.


AWI - no progress here. Half the problem is no-one else is doing Maurice in 15mm. these may end up getting bayed.

28mm WW2
This has been the one area of inspiration this year and I now have a burgeoning collection of Commando's & Late War Kraut Grenadiers and a fair bit of armour and support which I'm using for BA, RoE and CoC.

There is a new U.S Force which is based and undercoated and a growing collection of L.D.V for a VBCW campaign. I have also managed to paint up some Local Bobbies and a Gentlemans Gun Club to add colour.

Butterfly projects
In traditional fashion my willpower this year lasted a very brief period and new projects I have aquired include five different factions for IHMN and aset of Lawmen & Outlaws for DMH. These are all based and undercoated ready for the winter nights.

Projects I am still intending to look at include Muskets and Tomohawks which I own the rules for but simply cannot seem to settle my plans on an appropriate scale at which to undertake the project...

Algernon Pulls it Off seems to have gone quiet and I have ditched my plans to look at Dux Britannarium in 28mm for reasons of cost.


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