Sunday, 6 December 2015

More Warband Terrain

Finally got around to basing up some more of the fantasy buildings I bought from JR Miniatures a number of years ago.

A Dwarf Forge and a Cottage with a Barn and woodpile.

Finally I set about kitbashing some monuments using spare figures and mdf bases I had knocking around as well as some tyre dust caps from my bits box. I also knocked up a suitable plinth for the very splendid Supremelittlenessdesigns monument.

The photos aren't the best, but they give you the general idea

Cottage on the left with scratchbuilt gate and woodpile and
Dwarven Forge on the right complete with coal cart and Dwarf
tending the forge,

REAR: Supreme Littleness Designs Monument on a plinth and a
Taurian Wargod on spare MDF base with dust cap altar and mysterious orb
from my wifes sewing pin collection.....
FRONT: Two dust cap pillars with Golden Dwarf King monument
and Arminius The Slayer (a Post Roman Briton) doubling as
a human legendary figure

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