Thursday, 10 December 2015

A new front is opened

The march from Kragonia into the undead heartland had been an ardous task. The Vile Plains were aptly named - for an army used to foraging on the march, the plains offered nothing but parched mouths and grumbling stomach's. The days were oppressively hot and dusty, the nights cold and unwelcoming.

The plains had once been the home to Human's and as such had been relatively prosperous as farming land, but since the War of the Great Reaping, the landscape has degenerated rapidly into the most inhospitable territory within the realm.

Supplies were low and many of the war machines were just too cumbersome to make the trek. Morale in the ranks of the Alliance was low and other than brief glimpses of marauding giant vultures that swooped down on the army as it strung itself out on the march, little had been seen in the way of the enemy.

The Alliance had sent scouts forward all of whom had returned to the same reports of nothing seen of the enemy. With less than 10 miles between them and the coast, Knabadug was convinced that the Obsidian Mausoleum was still struggling to regenerate sufficient forces to take on the might of the Alliance. Arriving in the foothills overlooking the deserted town of Camon, Knabadug could just make out the unmistakable shape of the Resurrection Tower perched within the grounds of the Obsidian Mausoleum. The enemy could be seen preparing a defensive line and appeared to be thin on numbers.

The Kragonian met with his commanders to discuss their next steps. The Garrison from Praemegoth had not yet caught up with the main army and whilst their numbers would boost their numerical advantage further, to wait for their arrival would mean extending the period his men would be without sustenance to continue the advance to the coast.

The die was cast. The Alliance would seek to destroy the Mausoleum and then advance on the coast where it was rumoured that the great warship drydocks of the humans were still intact. Capture of this valuable resource would leave Salemere vulnerable to assault from the seas surrounding the island.

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