Thursday, 17 March 2016

Cornered in Isceald

As spring emerges the remnants of the Obsidian Mausoleum have spent a harsh winter in the foothills of the Dwarven stronghold of Isceald. Firian Delacroix, still carrying injuries sustained in battle has guided his men to within a mile of the coast where he hopes to find transport to sail to the safety of Salemere.

Unknown to Delacroix, his every move has been carefully followed and the Dwarves have sprung a trap.

Obsidian Mausoleum Forces
Undead Lord - Firian Delacroix (downgraded to 1d6-1 because of injuries)
Liche - Eulisses Cane (1d6+1)
1 unit of Crossbow, 1 unit of Archers, 4 units of Warriors, 1 unit of Gargoyles

Dwarven War Party of Isceald
General (1d6)
Spellcaster (1d6)
1 unit of artillery, 3 units of archers, 4 units of warriors, 1 unit of Noble riders

Sadly lots of photos were really blurry so have been left out.... :-(

Initial deployments with the sun streaking through
the mountains.....

The Dwarves hold the firing advantage both in numbers
of missile troops and range. It isn't long before
Dwarven firepower finds its range.

Dwarven firepower breaks up the desperate undead advance

Undead casualties mount and a failed flanking move
by the undead Gargoyles sees the Dwarves turn the undead flank

The Dwarves hold all the Aces as the undead advance becomes
disjointed. More firepower pain is dealt by the Dwarves.

Some headway is made by the undead but the Dwarven General
is closing in with his mainforce.

Boxed in the undead fight for their survival.

Firian Delacroix desperately tries to break through the Dwarven lines
but the might of Dwarven firepower repeatedly forces him back

Dwarven archers and artillery combine firepower and bring down
the undead lord whose force crumbles to dust.

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