Thursday, 24 March 2016

FoG Rennaissance AAR - Thirty Years War

After almost a two year absence I managed to drag my Thirty Years War collection out for a scrap somewhere in Europe....

Two 600 point armies - Swedes v Catholic League Germans with their huge Tercios. The streams are passable as rough terrain and all the hills were gentle.

The Swedes won initiative and chose the Eastern table edge opting to play defensively anchored on the two woods with a Cavalry flank to the North and a smaller cavalry command supported by Dragoons and Commanded shot on the Southern flank.

The sausage munchers set up their Tercios in the centre and matched the Swedish deployment with a Cavalry command in the North and a Light Horse, Dragoon and Musket company contesting the broken streams in the south.

View from Southern flank

Catholic League Tercios

The Swedish Cavalry Command in the North

Mercenary allies support the Swedish Centre

The Elite Swedish Yellow Brigade advance past the church

Swedish artillery opens the battle at extreme range and would
prove to be pretty poor throughout the game

The Catholic League Southern flank protecting the stream

Despite their size, the Swedish artillery fails to hit the tercios

The only casualty of the game caused by Swedish Artillery

Dragoons from both sides engage in musketry whilst in
the centre the Catholic League presses forward to
engage the Swedish Infantry Brigades

On the Northern flank, German Karbinryttare score lots of hits
on the Swedish Hackapells - only to see them all shrugged off!

German artillery adds its firepower to the battle
developing near the streams

The Catholic League Tercios exchange fire with Swedish Brigades

The Swedish Southern flank begins to crumble
under the weight of German firepower. As the Swedish
Dragoons break, the Cossack Light horse also make for the rear.

The Swedish southern flank crumbles and in the centre
Catholic Tercio and Swedish Brigades mix it up in melee.
The Catholic League are hard pressed despite their advantage
in numbers

The swirling cavalry melee on the Northern flank continues
with the Swedish Hackapells routing under the relentless
weight of Kurassiere armour

In the centre the Elite Yellow Brigade routs a Catholic Tercio

With both flanks reeling the Swedes press forward in the centre
hoping to break another Tercio which may swing the tide

The Swedish Mercenary Pike and Shot unit near the woods proves no
match for the Catholi Tercio and routs. The German Kuirassiere,
having route the Swedish cavalry turns inwards to cut off their retreat
and consign the Swedes to defeat.

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