Wednesday, 25 January 2017

DRM Sci-fi Armies and Terrain for Sale

Selling off my Sci-fi collection as it simply never gets played. Three large Dark Realm Miniatures Armies up for grabs as well as some sci-fi terrain. I will also throw in a copy of Future War Commander FREE to the highest bidder!

First up the terrain:

SCI-FI Terrain (6mm/1/300th Scale) £50

  • 1x Painted 'control' tower in resin complete with brass etched radio mast
  • 1x Painted 5 piece Modular space station in white metal with 6 optional roof or outlying areas accessories by DRM
  • 1x Painted 3 piece landing pad in white metal by DRM
  • 8x Painted Storage Iso-containers in Resin by Timecast
  • 5x unpainted Oil refinery resin accessories by Timecast
  • 3x Painted Sci-fi 'Outposts' in resin
  • 7x unpainted Sci-fi 'Outposts and revetments' in resin
  • 1x bag of metal turrets to add to sci-fi outposts
  • 1x Painted 17 part sci-fi pipeline set in resin

Kraytonian DRM Sci-fi Army (mostly painted with some spare minis) £80
Kameli Scouts 12 stands, 60 figs
Ketzali, 6 stands, 30 figs
Kraytonian Infantry, 12 stands, 60 figs
Karrok Guard, 12 stands, 61 figs
Rakkat Riders (2 variants) 12 figures
Elohe Riders (and flight stands) 8 figures
Kraytonian Heavy Lasers, 6 stands, 30 figs
Kraytonian Smart Missiles, 6 stands, 30 figures
Gara IFV Field Transporter, x3
Arkalest MBT, x3
Arka x3
Aurika x3
Arkiten Fighter, x3

Pax Arcadian Sci-fi Army by DRM £70
Scout/Conscript Infantry, 6 stands, 24 figs
Regular Troopers, 15 stands, 75 figs
Command and support, 3 stands, 15 figs
Heavy Blaster Troops, 4 stands, 20 figs
Smart Missile Troops, 4 stands, 20 figs
Javelin Skimmers, x4
Ramjack IFV x4
Mammoth Tank, x4
Firemouth x2
Firewall x4
Light/Medium Tanks x8
Piranha Gunship (proxy model) x1
Dropship (proxy model) x1
Valiant Transport (proxy model) x1

Andrayan Sci-Fi Army by DRM (unpainted) £50
7 HQ Units
3 recce units (scouts)
6 recce units Hubries
16 infantry units Andrayans
16 infantry units Vanguard
8 infantry units Vulturs
8 support units Hubries
8 Walkers Velites
8 Walkers Vergers
4 Walkers Vorace
4 walkers Voran

I will consider offers but I cant split the armies. I will throw in a copy of Future War Commander to the bidder who buys the chunk of the forces on offer.

I would accept £220 for all three armies and the terrain. Buyer to pay postage at cost.

email me at if interested.

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