Sunday 9 April 2017

More stuff for sale

10mm Medieval Siege Set £80, buyer to pay postage at cost (3 kgs weight second class signed for is £14.85)

A 10mm collection of siege equipment and a castle by Kallistra with additional items.

Sale Consists of:
1 x Kallistra 10mm Medieval Castle - 1 gatehouse and gate, 1x Keep, 4x towers, 4x Long Walls, 2x Short walls one of which is breached
2x Kallistra Siege Towers
1x Kallistra Battering Ram
12x Kallistra Mantlets
12x Scaling ladders
4x Medieval Tennts and 2 bases by Pendraken
14 piece pallisade and ditch
8 piece large stakes set
30x 40mm bases of stakes
2x Chevau de Frise
3x Bombards and crew by Pendraken

Also a 10mm Pendraken Miniatures Viking Army £40 buyer to pay postage

10mm Viking Army with Irish Allies based for FoG Ancients part painted with additional unpainted and unbased miniatures by Pendraken Miniatures and Magister Militum

Consisting of:
3 command bases 1 of which is painted with banners
84 Huscarls of which 16 are painted
80 Freemen of which 12 are painted
30 archers of which 8 are painted
28 Berserkers of which 4 are painted
32 Irish Callowglass
30 Irish Thralls

also included are the following (unbased)
30 archers, 30 huscarl and 130 Freemen

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