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CWC Batrep - Mount Longdon, 11th June 1982

British Order of Battle - 3 Para Btn

1x CO Lt Col H. Pike CV10
4x Para Infantry
2x Charlie G Upgrades

Recce Patrol
2x Para Patrols

Company Support
1x HQ CV9
1x Naval FAO (HMS Avenger)
3x 81mm Mortar
2x Milan

A Coy
2x HQ Maj D.A Collet CV9
5x Para Infantry

B Coy
2x HQ Maj M.H Argue CV9
1x Artillery FAO (29 Cdo - 2x 105mm FH)
9x Para Infantry
2x Charlie G Upgrades

Breakpoint 13
2190 points

Argentinian Order of Battle - RI7

1x CO Maj C. Carrizo-Salvadores CV8
1x FAO (1x 105mm FH)
3x Reservist Infantry
1x Sniper
1x SAM Blowpipe

1x HQ Marine Sub-Lieutenant S. Dachary CV8
3x Marine Infantry
1x HMG (IR)

1x HQ CV7
3x Reservist Infantry
1x HMG
2x 81mm Mortar

Breakpoint 8
895 Points

View of Mt. Longdon through IR Night Sights
from the British Support Company Position

3Para Plan of Attack
With the battle taking place at night and in poor weather 3 Para's CO decided that the main thrust of the assault would be against the right flank. B Company would lead the assault in a flanking manouvre intended to 'roll up the flanks' of the Argentinian positions.

A Coy would support this attack whilst HQ Company under the CO would feint an attack against the centre left positions with the intent of pinning the enemy in the centre. Support company would offer fire support from the startline.

Having the advantage of Hidden Deployment and gaining a further 5 hidden deployment markers, the British would seek to threaten the left flank with the blank markers hopefully preventing the Argentinian Commander from re-deploying any troops to strengthen the actual point of attack until it was too late.

RI7 Plan of Defence
Major C. Carrizo-Salvadores strung out his forces across the expanse of Longdon placing his HQ's and IR equipped HMG and Sniper along likely routes of attack.

His Marine detachment under MSL S. Dachary took up positions on the most exposed left flank. A single hidden minefield covered a gully in defilade leading to the central summit of Longdon.

Turns 1-3
The Para patrols located the Argentinian Marines calling in HMS Avengers guns - only for it to blunder. Fortunately for the Paras the fire deviated massively off the table narrowly missing B Coy's startline.

The advance elements of B Coy came within 200 metres of the Argentinian Marines before being detected, a hail of fire checking their advance. Other hidden routes of advance went largely unchecked. Were the enemy asleep?

The Argentinian CO watched in horror as hidden deployment markers moved behind his line of defences dangerously exposing his right flank. A runner was despatched to rouse the Reservists.

The advance elements of B Coy failed their command roll leaving themselves dangerously exposed in the open and the ensuing firefight sees them suppressed again. Some frighteningly accurate artillery support ties up other units of B Coy stalling the Paras assault.

In the centre the Argentinian CO wisely checks his fire allowing A Coy to come within effective range of the weapons massed on Longdon's summit.

The Paras continue to creep forward bringing their Charlie G's into play not realising that almost their entire battlegroup has now been detected. Suddenly all hell breaks loose resulting in the first British casulaties to B Coy. The Para Recce patrols desperately try to relocate to the centre aspect of the battlefiled but find the terrain pretty tough going.

Just when it is feared that things cant get much worse the Naval FAO wanders into the hidden minefield - narrowly avoiding destruction.

Breakpoints - 3Para 2/13, RI7 0/8

View of the assault by B Coy on the
Argentinian right flank from A Coys start line

Turns 4 & 5
With casualties starting to mount 3Para upped the anti throwing the Support Company into the fray. Milan, GPMG and Mortar fire raked the Argentinian positions in the centre with further support added from HMS Avenger and 29 CDO's 105mm Field Howitzers.

The Argentinian Marines supported by the 81mm mortar platoon continued to increase the pressure on B Coy once again stalling their assault with mounting casualties.

3Para's support company continued to pour down covering fire and A Coy's support passing through B Coy proved timely. With the vast majority of his troops pinned down by enemy fire the Argentinian CO was powerless to respond. An entire turn passed with only sporadic fire being returned towards A & B Companys combined assault.

Breakpoint 3Para 5/13, RI7 4/8

Argentinian Centre being pinned by 3Para's HQ Coy

Turn 6
The combined assault of 3Para A & B Company finally breaks into the Argentinian Marine position from the flank and rear and in a brutal round of hand to hand clear the trenches.

With daylight approaching and under pressure from 3Para Support Company Maj Carrizo-Salvadores orders his men to retreat on Stanley.

Breakpoint 3Para 5/13, RI7 6/8

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