Monday, 1 June 2009

Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my witterings about my primary hobby - the weird and wonderful world of Wargaming.

Here I'll share my latest thoughts on the hobby, pictures of the latest project I am working on, batreps of games I have played and other ramblings about the hobby in general.

I have a wide interest in Wargaming and have been playing with 'toy soldiers' for more years than I care to remember.

I have fond memories of creating 'trench systems' in my parents front garden (much to their dismay) and hours spent pelting Britains/Airfix plastics with lumps of mud, stone and the occasional housebrick!

I have 'not so fond' memories of as many hours spent digging over the garden to recover those miniatures s that my dad could reclaim his vegetable patch.

My main period of wargaming interest remains 20th Century games (primarily WW2 and Modern Era) although I also dabble in Napoleonics, Colonials, ACW, AWI, ECW and numerous others.

Lately I have collected, assembled and painted several 'futuristic forces' for Future War Commander - one of my personal favourites when it comes to rule sets which comes out of the Pete Jones 'stable', Specialist Military Publishing

Pete's other rule sets, BKC & CWC cover WW2 and Modern Gaming respectively. I cannot big these rule sets up enough. I have been wargaming for many years and Pete's rules are the first set I have stuck with for more than a year! They are ideal for solo gaming due to the innovative command and control system. If you haven't seen these rules then you are missing out.

I'll be aiming to add to my blog on a monthly basis at least as long as work and real life doesn't get in the way:-)

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