Monday, 2 November 2015

Deception in the Vile Plains

With the deception plan set, Stormhoof's Warparty advances through the Vile Plains under the banner of Ironhorn.

Astride the main road, the Kagronian Shieldwall blocks the path of the oncoming Minotaur Army. Recalling his Fathers words, the young Orc Captain deploys a second shieldwall to the rear of the Minotaur army. "Bring back Ironhorn's head, or return on your shield..."

The Battlefield - viewed from the 'Anvil' of the young
Orc Captain, 'Grablog son of Knabadug'

The main Orc Shieldwall. Bolstered by Giants and Ogres
and supporting archers and bolt shooters

Kragonian Orc Warband
Grablog - Average Chieftain, Shaman, 2x Archers, 4x Warriors with Shieldwall, 1x Bolt Shooter, 1x Giants/Ogres, 1x Wolf Rider Skirmishers. 499 pts

Grablogs Battle Plan
to block the road through the Vile Plains by presenting a Shieldwall astride the road as a 'Hammer' which would force the Minotaurs into fighting in two directions, thus splitting their effectiveness. A second Shieldwall, led by Grablog would be the Anvil on which the Hammer should fall.

Aranarun Stormhoof's Warparty
Stormhoof - Poor Chieftain (reflecting his lack of experience in major battles), 3x Minotaur Warriors, 2x Mercenary Minotaur Warriors rated as Impetuous (reflecting their eagerness to prove themselves in battle) and 1x Rhino Pack

Stormhoof's Battle Plan
Even though he is an inexperienced leader, Stormhoof recognises that his warparty relies on speed and getting into contact quickly. He is also heavily out-numbered. His is a simple plan - smash through the main Orc line and press on deeper into Kagronia.

Stormhoof's Army, masquerading under an Ironhorn Warbanner

Grablog's 'Anvil'.

Giants and Ogres support the shieldwall

The Kagronian Bolt Shooters have an early impact forcing a
mercenary Minotaur unit to fall back with casualties

The main Kagronian Shieldwall hurls abuse
(and rocks, and iron bolts) at the Minotaur Battle Line

Grablog similarly hurls abuse at Stormhoof and gets his attention.
Part one of the battle plan achieved. Get the Minotaurs to fight
in two directions.

The battle taunts work and the impetuous Minotaurs and Rhinos
charge unsupported into a hail of arrows and iron bolts

Stormhoof closes on Grablog's Shieldwall

The Minotaurs and Charge of Rhino's create havoc in the Kagronian Shieldwall.
The Kagronian Giants supported by Wolf Riders move out to protect the flank of the Shieldwall.

Stormhoof's assault goes in which sees Grablog's Shieldwall creak under the pressure

The main shieldwall splinters but not before the Minotaurs and Rhino's
are pushed back

Grablog's Shieldwall buckles under the pressure of Stormhoof's assault.
Grablog also falls back under the pressure of the minotaur assault,
but thankfully the shieldwall remains intact

The Kagronian Shaman unleashes Consuming Rage which routs the Minotaurs and Rhino's

Despite seeing off the Minotaur and Rhino' charge, the Kagronian Shaman
and part of the shieldwall disintegrates and routs from the field

The Shieldwall reorganises itself as Stormhoofs mercenaries rout.

Grablog's Anvil breaks under the strain leaving the Young Orc Captain isolated

The Orc Shaman flees the field.

Taurian and Orc units rally mid-battlefield. The Rhino's continue to rout.

Isolated and surrounded, Grablog is mercilessly butchered by the Minotaurs.
The Anvil is smashed. Will Grablog's death be in vain?

As Stormhoof returns to rally the centre, the Kagronian Shieldwall
presses forward keen to avenge the death of their commander

Once more Taurians rip into the shieldwall causing horrendous casualties,
but the attack is disjointed and the mercenarys rout leaving
Stormhoof isolated in front of a hail of Kagronian arrows

Taurian casualties mount as the assault falters.

The Kagronian Shieldwall goes on the offensive. Stormhoof is flanked and routed
and the Giants set about dismembering Minotaur carcasses.

Grablog is avenged! Leaderless, the Taurians rout.
After the battle, Grablog's body is carried back to his father on his shield. In honour of his famous victory Grablog's battered body is buried alongside other fallen Kragonian heroes. His gravestone is etched with one word. 'ANVIL'

As the final echoes of 'Grablog the Anvil's' funeral pyre peter out, Knabadug declares War against the Taurian Kingdom of Woll Subterrane.  

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