Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Forcing the Knulst

Due to preceding events, Count Bartholomew has been forced to unleash the denizens of the Obsidian Mausoleum much earlier than he anticipated. The force is still some way from reaching its full regenerative powers but its Commander Firian Delacroix is confident he can bring victory in the forthcoming battle. Delacroix is unhappy that Stormhoof will lead the Vanguard, but sees the wisdom in his Masters orders. He is even more confident of a victory as his Liche has concocted a water-walking spell which will aid his force in crossing the Knulst without need for bridges or fords. 

The Obsidian Mausoleum
Firian Delacroix, Commander of
The Obsidian Mausoleum

Undead Lord, Firian Delacroix, Godwin Scarlet, Necromancer, 4 Units of Skeleton Warriors, 2 of archers, 2 of Zombies and a unit of Minotaur Warriors under Aranarun Stormhoof in the Vanguard

Obsidian Mausoleum Battle Plan

To force the river crossing with Stormhoof’s Vanguard. The 2 units of Zombies will follow immediately behind to prevent Stormhoof from avoiding his challenge.

The main force will assault across the river in support, initially feigning to support the bridge assault by firepower.

 The Kagronian Warband
Defending the Knulst Crossing is an average Orc Chieftain and Shaman, 4 units of Warriors, 2 units of archers, a Bolt Shooter unit and a Giant Crossbow, a Giant/Ogre unit and a single unit of Wolf Riders.

Kagronian Battle Plan
To protect the bridge with a first line of missile troops supported by warriors to the rear.

Aranarun Stormhoof, leader
of the Vanguard

Stormhoof’s options are bleak. Fail and suffer “a slow painful slide into the eternal afterlife of the undead….” Fall Back and be ripped apart by flesh rendering Zombies, or Charge into a hail of Kragonian arrows? Beginning to regret some of his decision making recently, as the battle looms he sees a small window of opportunity, albeit arrow-slit in nature. Speaking in hushed tones, he briefs his men on his plan as dawn approaches.

The opposing armies face off across the Knulst Crossing

The Obsidian Mausoleum probes forward under
the watchful eye of the Necromancer

Stormhoof's Vanguard lets out a guttural howl and charges
headlong across the Knulst into a hail of Kragonian arrows

Kragonian arrows strike home pushing back the Taurian Vanguard

The Mausoleum probes forward cautiously

Long range archery duels break out across the Knulst

Stormhoof's Vanguard crashes into Kragonian Archers

and is routed back acroos the Knulst.
The Zombie Horde sent to block any retreat of the Vanguard
is too far behind to prevent Stormhoof's men escaping to the rear.

The Kragonians reel in terror as the Obsidian Mausoleum mainforce
walk on water straight across the Knulst

Regaining some sort of order, the Kragonian's
press forward to meet the threat

Fierce close quarters combat breaks out along the banks of the Knulst

Casualties mount on both sides, but the Mausoleum still not a full strength
from their early regeneration begin to falter

Undeads stream back across the Knulst and the
 Orcs press home a renewed assault

The Mausoleum mounts a counter attack - the battle hangs in the balance

A blood curdling War Cry from the Shaman
tips the balance in favour of Kragonia

With their assault in tatters and undead crumbling to dust,
the Mausoleum falls back in disarray.

Stormhoof escaped the battle but not without debilitating wounds. His reputation within his band of renegades rises and in the days after the battle and as the tales of his exploits spread, other leaderless Minotaurs and Centaurs join his Warparty.

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