Friday, 20 November 2015


Despite the setback of losing his coastal foothold in the Taurian Kingdom, the Orc Chietain was not too displeased with the havoc his raiding force had wreaked. Taurian trading, so influential in underpinning the Kingdom's strength had been setback years if not decades.

Realising that Taurian military strength would be weakened as soldiers were put to work rebuilding the Kingdom's infrastructure, Knabadug called upon his kin in the North to join his struggle to defeat the Taurians. Henk of Yhn Enclave, a foul Goblin was only too keen to become involved in Pa-Mai's downfall and immediately mobilised his armies to start the march south.

Meanwhile in Clonells Timberland, a Bounty Hunter by the name of Viho Windrider had wormed his way into the Renegade Warband hot off the back of the rush to join Stormhoof's burgeoning army. Despite being severely wounded at the battle of the Knults Crossing, the Taurian Renegade was making a quick recovery. His Warparty was being swelled by ranks of Centaurs and Taurians, keen to be part of a revolution and hoping to share the spoils of a potential change of leadership should the Kingdom of Pa- Mai fall to the Orcs.

Within days, Windrider was part of Stormhoof's inner-sanctum, gaining the trust of the Renegade by sharing his skills as an apothecary. Unbeknown to Stormhoof, Windriders' apothecary skills amounted to little more than placebos and flattery. As the friendship builds the Bounty Hunter gains the proof needed of the Renegades deception - now he must find a way of getting that information back to Pa-Mai and collect his reward.

Back in Pa-Mai, Ironhorn has had to make tough decisions. The trading circles on which his kingdom depends are in ruins and his council pressurise him to withdraw troops from the borders to begin the process of rebuilding the Kingdom's industry. When he is at his weakest, outposts and beacons across the Kingdom report on the mass movement of two armies across the borders....


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