Friday, 20 November 2015

The Battle of Alder Covert Maze

Deep in the heart of Woll Subterrane on the road to the Kingdom's Capital Pa-Mai lies the Alder Covert Maze, a beautiful orchard that was sculpted into a Taurian Maze in honour of Edes, God of Prosperity.

Having withdrawn his forces from the borders, Ironhorn has chosen this area as the battlefield upon which to stake his Kingdom's future. The battlefield is dominated by the maze and two roads that converge near the Monument erected to Omniel, the Angel of Edes. As the roads meet the approaches are narrowed by copses and woods which he hopes will slow the advance of the merging armies of Yhn Enclave and Kragonia.

Ironhorn has despatched one of his most trusted Generals, Ahote Crestride to attempt to stem the tide of the Goblin and Orc Horde.

Forces under Crestride
Crestride - 1d6 Cheiftain, 1d6 Shaman, 2 Centaur Archers (with parting shot), 2 Centaur Knights (Fierce and Powerful), 2 Centaur Warriors, 4 Minotaur Warriors and a unit of Pegasi

Crestrides battle plan
To delay the Kragonian Forces approaching from the South, whilst defeating the Goblin Army approaching from the North and then to turn the whole force against the Orc force.

Goblin Army of the Yhn Enclave
Henk of Yhn Enclave 1d6+2 Chieftain, 2 Archers, 5 Warriors (Fierce), 1 Wolf Rider, 1 Giant Spider, 1 Giant/Ogre

Kagronian Army (Orcs)
Chieftain 1d6+2, Shaman 1d6+1, 2 archers, 4 warriors, 2 wolf riders, 1 Giant/Ogres

Orc/Goblin battle plan
Due to the length of the march the orcs were unable to bring their fearsome warmachines so will have to take the battle to the Taurians the old fashioned way. Speed is of the essence as is numerical superiority. Numbers must be brought to bear to take the spoils.

The Battlefield viewed from the Taurian Lines

Alder Court Maze - erected in Hounour of Edes, God Of Prosperity

The Taurians move out. To the left with the aim of defeating
Henks' Goblin Horde, whilst on the right they aim to delay
the Kragonian Orcs

Henks' shameful Goblins leaving home without Warpaint!

The Taurian right flank goads on the Kragonian Orcs who struggle
to make progress forward.

Centaur Knights clash with Wolf Riders

Henks Goblins shake out their column under pressure
from the rapid advance of Crestrides Bulls

Kragonians advancing cautiously to the delight of the Taurians
whose mission is to delay their advance

Heavy fighting breaks out amongst Crestrides men and Henks Goblins.
Minotaurs and Centaurs make light work of the Giant Spiders

The Kragonians still struggling to advance beyond the edge of the woods

Henks' Giants charge the Taurian Shaman and receive a face-full
of Magic Missiles for their troubles.

Crestrides Taurians heap pressure on Henks battleline

The Kragonian advance slowly gains momentum

A devastatingly accurate barrage of Kragonian Arrows routs
a unit of Centaur Archers hiding in the woods. With no
Chieftain to rallythem they rout in disarray

Henks' battle-line creaks....

Kragonian Wolf Riders enter the woods in pursuit of Centaur Archers
whilst the main Kragonian battle-line shakes out at the edge of the woods

The Kragonians break cover of the woods and
the Wolf Riders begin to assert their dominance
over the Centaur Archers in the woods

Henk's Goblins are surrounded and massacred

Henk is captured by Crestrides men

The Kragonian Orcs unleash hell and the Taurian line feels the pain

Crestrides men, fresh from destroying Henks Goblin Warband
attempt to relieve the pressure on their fellow Taurians

The delaying Taurian force is under intense Orc pressure.
If they can hold a little longer Crestrides men may arrive
and tip the balance back in favour of the Kingdom's Forces

As Crestrides men fail to arrive, the mainstay of the
delaying force is sent routing to the rear

The Kragonian Orcs shatter the Taurian delaying force. The Orcs
Giants charge headlong into Crestride's Command Unit and leave it reeling.

Another Taurian unit routs and despite charging the Orc Giants
in the flank, the Giant somehow survives.
Both Crestride and his Shamn are very close to breaking.

Minotaurs enter the woods and with the support of the Pegasi, tear into
the flank of the Kragonian Orc battle line.

The Minotaurs and Pegasi in the woods continue to fold up the flank, but
the crunch fight is happening to their left as the Giant continues to
defeat the odds and sends Crestrides command crashing backwards

The Minotaurs and Pegasi run down routing Orcs
but its all too little, too late.

Crestrides force uses its superior mobility to disengage
 leaving the battlefield to the Orcs
The battle ends in a draw, The Taurians have captured Henk and all but destroyed the forces of the Yhn Enclave. The Kragonian Orcs hold the battlefield but are too few in numbers and not fleet enough of foot to pursue the Taurians, who though unbroken as an army, have lots of units that have been decimated.

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