Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Dark days, Dark beauty

In the aftermath of the great battle at Alder Covert Maze, Knabadug of Kragonia poured every resource available into the region, his forces pursuing and harrying the defeated Taurian Army all the way to the gates of Pa-Mai.

The battered remnants of the Goblin Horde from the Yhn Enclave were able to regroup and although leaderless following Henk's capture they join in the pursuit.

Alder Covert Maze lies in ruins and the Omniel Monument is desecrated - used as an executioners block for Taurian and Centaur soldiers left wounded on the battlefield.

In Salemere Count Bartholmew is pleased to see his plans coming to fruition. The Kragonian's are suitably distracted in their pursuit of total annihilation of the Taurian Kingdom, the Goblins have been drawn into the struggle and the Renegades of the Timberlands, although swelling in numbers are for the moment neutralised. In the months that conflict has raged, the ranks of the obsidian Mausoleum have grown as the dark magic of Necromancy goes about its evil.


Viho Windrider the Taurian Bounty Hunter who has uncovered Aranarun Stormhoof's deception which led to the wars is left in a quandary. Pai-Mai will fall and with it will fall millennia of Taurian Kingship. Even if Windrider could make it safely to Pa-Mai to share the news it is likely to make little difference to the final outcome. The Bounty Hunter makes the tough decision to bide his time and look to use the information when a better opportunity presents itself.

Sarlea - Concubine to
and Succubus to
Count Bartholomew

Windriders arrival in the Timberlands has not gone un-noticed and a concubine of Aranarun, one of the few humans left in the Five Kingdoms and also once the daughter of a handsome young Captain in the Salemere Guard has drawn the eye of the Bounty Hunter. Suspicious of his intentions, she determines to use her female guile and beauty to oust his purpose and intent.

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