Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Declarations of War

Ironhorn of Woll Subterrane
 When news of the Declaration of War from Kagronia reaches the Maze of Pa-Mai, Arhan Ironhorn’s heart hangs heavy. Frustrated at the thought of decades of peace which have marked his reign over the Kingdom being brought to an end, Ironhorn meets with the Taurian Elders to seek their thoughts on what steps to take next.

The Taurian Chieftain has long suspected that disgruntled exiles would sooner or later find a way of bringing about a return of chaos and he remains convinced that Stormhoof is pivotal in the recent chain of events. Without proof he knows it will be difficult to maintain the peace between his Orc neighbours.

 The meeting with his Elders is long and protracted, but it is finally agreed that a non-aggression pact should be sought with Kagronia, but before such an approach is made proof will be needed to convince Gnabadug of the renegade Taurian’s deception. The Elders approve a mobilisation to war footing, but only to protect the kingdom’s borders from incursion. Stormhoof will be summoned to Pa-Mai and should the summons go unanswered a Ransom will be placed on the renegades head. Ironhorn despatches men to locate the renegade
Bartholomew of Salemere
At Salemere Castle, Count Bartholomew confronts Stormhoof in whom he believes he may have misplaced his faith. Despite Kagronia falling for the deception which has dragged Woll Subterrane into the War, Bartholomew is incensed that the renegade Warparty was ‘brushed aside by a few Orcs’. The Count has mobilised the hordes of the Obsidian Mausoleum who will lead a second assault on the Kingdom of Kagronia.


Stormhoof is ordered to provide a supporting force which he himself must lead as part of the Vanguard in forcing a crossing over the River Knulst. Should the renegade fail again his death, if not on the battlefield, will be a slow painful slide into the eternal afterlife of the undead.

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